History of the Urban Tree Key

Don’t you hate when you can’t remember the name of a tree? Maybe you learned it long ago, and haven’t seen it since. Maybe someone is describing it to you, and the answer is on the tip of your tongue, but… If you live in San Francisco, the Urban Tree Key is a unique and… More

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How Planting Trees Is Like Not Eating Marshmallows

This post was originally published in Next American City. Look at any renderings of landscape architecture and you are sure to see beautiful trees on every drawing. That happens for a reason: Whether they realize it or not, people want to see trees on their streetscapes. They can’t help it: Trees make people feel good. But we… More

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Silva Cell Case Study: Planned Watermain Repair Winnipeg, MB

We previously took a look at how to do an emergency utility repair where a Silva Cell system is installed. Today we’ll look at how to do a planned repair. Broadway Avenue, in Winnipeg, which went in the ground in July 2007, was one of our first Silva Cell installations. Several years later, they had a planned… More

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Soil Volume Minimum for Street Trees Established in Oakville, ON

We like to keep track of cities that are doing more for trees, specifically by implementing minimum soil volumes for urban planting. I’m happy to share that we are adding the city of Oakville, ON to the list, where they have recently implemented a requirement that street trees be planted in 30 m3 (1,059 ft3) of soil… More

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Woodcut Prints Showcase the Beauty of Tree Rings

Great art shows us things we might not otherwise be able to imagine. Sometimes literally. I think that elusively simple quality is one of the reasons that Connecticut-based artist Bryan Nash Gill’s large-scale relief prints of the cross sections of trees are so compelling. They are collected in a new book that was recently released… More

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TDAG’s “Trees in the Townscape” Report Is Released!

Late last month, the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG), a UK not-for-profit, released a document called “Trees in the Townscape: A Guide for Decision Makers.” This new guide suggests new approaches for successfully designing for urban trees. It is structured into 12 action-oriented principles spanning the range of planning, design, works and management issues that must be… More

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