A well-trained tree with good structure. Photo by Ellyn Shea.

Training You to Train Young Trees

After a big windstorm, we who work with and love trees take note of the damage with trepidation. Large trees that have split apart or lost a major part of their structure often cannot be saved and must be removed. Fortunately tomorrow’s urban forest has a better chance – if we act today!

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Coconut Grove Business Improvement District

Five Recent Silva Cell Installations

Here’s a round up of photos from five recent Silva Cell installations. Pictured above is the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District Enhancement (Phase 1), a streetscape project (Virginia x Florida) in Miami, FL. This project was designed by Curtis & Rogers Design Studio and installed by Southern Blossoms. This one was involved in a protracted and emotional kerfuffle between… More

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Target Center green roof

The Costs and Benefits of Green Roofs

While green roofs have been used for the past 30-40 years in Europe, the spread of green roof technology in North America is much more recent. Need for low impact stormwater management techniques is one of the biggest drivers for green roof technology in North America.

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Large trees make us healthier

Aren’t Urban Trees A Public Health Issue?

Sometimes, in order to bring new understanding to an issue and cut through the meaningful-but-sometimes-numbing-data, you need to reframe it. There are so many ways that big trees enhance life for people and other living things: air quality, safety, water quality, lower temperatures. These cross environmental, development, and design boundaries. All are fundamentally public health… More

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Silva Cell project map - detail

How To Find A Silva Cell Installation Near You

View Silva Cell Locations in a larger map Last time I posted about the Silva Cell installation map was about two years and 200 installations ago. I figured it was time for a refresher. The installation map is where we keep track of every Silva Cell project, ever. The DeepRoot offices are in the United… More

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Trees In The Townscape Events in November

Tree and Design Action Group (TDAG), a UK-based non-profit, is offering three workshops in November centered (centred) around their recent “Trees In the Townscape” report. The dates for the workshops are:

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Minimum Soil Volumes for Trees Part 1: Lessons Learned from Municipalities

Trees need an adequate volume of rootable, oxygen-rich soil to thrive, and minimum soil volume policies are a powerful tool for arborists and other advocates to leverage better growing conditions for trees, especially in urban areas. In preparation for Peter MacDonagh’s presentation at the 2012 ISA conference in Portland, OR, “Leveraging Healthy Urban Forests with… More

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