Investment vs. Returns for Healthy Urban Trees Lifecycle Cost Analysis

We’ve been talking about doing it forever, and now we finally have: a lifecycle analysis that examines the investment vs. returns of street trees planted using traditional methods (4′ x 4′ cutouts) and in a suspended pavement (Silva Cell) treatment. Before we go any further, thanks are due to the Kestrel Design Group, in particular Nathalie Shanstrom,… More

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Silva Cell Case Study: Lidl Store (New Milton, UK)

Today’s blog post is actually a sneak peak of our most recent case study, and highlights a Silva Cell installation at a Lidl Store car park in New Milton. It will be available for download off the website shortly. The open expanse of most car parks makes them unpleasant places in almost all weather conditions, whether… More

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The Case For Trees

The following Seven Roles of the Urban Street Tree is a straight re-post from “recovering architect” John Massengale. 1) Define the space of the street. This particularly applies to streets that are too wide for the height of the buildings, streets with holes in the street wall, or suburban streets where buildings are too far apart… More

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Street Scenes from “Vertigo” – Then & Now

As someone who grew up in New York City but now lives in the city by the bay, the scarcity of movies that take place in San Francisco has always surprised me. I can’t explain it, though I’m sure someone can (anyone? anyone?). Of course, there are a few very, very famous films that take… More

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Comparing twigs from trees grown in Structural Soil with trees grown in Suspended Pavement

Comparing Silva Cells and Structural Soil

We get asked to compare Silva Cells to CU Soil with some frequency. It’s a comparison that we always hesitate to make, because to us it’s really a case of apples and oranges. While they may seem to be solutions to the same challenges, there are some very significant differences that affect their value and performance for tree growth… More

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Using HydroCAD to Model the Silva Cell for Stormwater Management

Back in April we announced a partnership with HydroCAD that allows designers to easily model Silva Cells as a part of their overall stormwater management plan. Today, I thought I’d walk you through the basics of creating a stormwater management plan using the Silva Cell system within HydroCAD. 

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Video Tour of ASLA Green Roof

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E278d5d0z0 Neat video from the ASLA giving us a tour of the green roof on their Washington, D.C. headquarters. I wouldn’t mind a place like that to each lunch when nice weather arrives.

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March Event Schedule

March: In like a lion and out like a lamb, right? Or, in the case of the Bay Area, in like a burrito and out like a shawarma (what?). Either way, here is what we have in our date book for March.

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