Is the Silva Cell system a bioretention cell?
Is the Silva Cell system a vault or “tree pod” system?
What are the key elements of a Silva Cell design for stormwater management?
Have Silva Cells been accepted as a treatment BMP by Regulators or Municipal Reviewers?
What is the suggested Silva Cell soil mix for stormwater management applications?
How do Silva Cells support a tree?
Do Silva Cells require maintenance?
Is pretreatment required?
How does stormwater enter the Silva Cell?
Does the area where my tree is planted count as treatment area?


Can Silva Cells go around utilities?
Can Silva Cells be cut?
Can DeepRoot Silva Cells be used around existing trees?
Why Geogrid around the perimeter instead of Geotextile?
Is installing DeepRoot’s Root Barrier important?
Do I need an underdrain?
Can DeepRoot’s Silva Cell system be used with any tree?