The History of Street Trees: “This will be easy!”

I have been wanting to write about the history of street trees. When I sat down to begin my research, I started in the usual place: Google. Then, because I’m a landscape architect, I looked at my reference books on the history of landscape architecture, urban planning, street trees, and horticulture. I didn’t find much… More

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Pros and Cons of Using Aggregate to Store Stormwater

Most designers are probably already familiar with the practice of using aggregate or gravel as a form of underground stormwater storage.  For those who aren’t designers, the principle is simple: aggregate (gravel) is full of small voids – macropores – that can fill with water, acting as on-site stormwater storage. The aggregate is strong enough… More

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The Landscape of My Childhood

There are many physical markers of the long process of growing up: the improbably tiny clothes we once fit in to, the toys and gadgets that occupy us, the notches on the door jamb that record our height year over year. The metaphors for these changes, that signify the growth, transition and development of human… More

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Why Pavement Heaving Isn’t a Problem With Silva Cells

We know a lot about the problems and headaches that pavement disturbed by roots can cause. For a long time, tree root barriers – mechanical barriers designed to direct roots down and away from hardscape – have been the backbone of our business. Why do tree roots heave pavement, and will this be a problem… More

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