Each Silva Cell installation is unique to existing site requirements. Costs will vary based on characteristics of the site, the quantity of product required, the tree size and stormwater treatment goals, and other design objectives.

The two most time-consuming tasks during the installation process are excavating the Silva Cell area and then filling the assembled Cells with soil and backfilling around them. Laying out the bases and posts, and attaching the geogrid and installing the decks, takes very little time in comparison. Assuming the excavation has already been done and the aggregate sub base prepared, a four man crew (3 laborers and 1 operator) should be able to complete an installation of 35 to 100 units or more, depending on the height of the system, in an 8 hour day. “Complete” here means installing the Cells and the geogrid, filling the Cells with soil, backfilling around the outside, and attaching the decks.

Remember that this is general information only; please contact us about pricing specific to your project.

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For price information specific to your project, contact us for a quote.

Size Soil Volume* Water Storage* Plan Review Installation Training Productivity* Technical Services (ex. shop drawings, custom layouts)
1x 13.23 ft3 (0.37 m3) 19.70 gal (74.5 L) (included) (included) 100 units/day Varies – contact [email protected]
2x 24.76 ft3 (0.70 m3) 37.02 gal (140 L) (included) (included) 50 units/day Varies – contact [email protected]
3x 34.50 ft3 (0.97 m3) 51.60 gal (191 L) (included) (included) 35 units/day Varies – contact [email protected]
Size – 1x
Soil Volume* 13.23 ft3 (.037 m3)
Water Storage* 19.70 gal (74.5 L)
Plan Review (included)
Installation Training (included)
Productivity* 100 units/day
Technical Services Varies – contact [email protected]
Size – 2x
Soil Volume* 24.76 ft3 (.70 m3)
Water Storage* 37.02 gal (140 L)
Plan Review (included)
Installation Training (included)
Productivity* 50 units/day
Technical Services Varies – contact [email protected]
Size – 3x
Soil Volume* 34.50 ft3 (.97 m3)
Water Storage* 51.60 gal (191 L)
Plan Review (included)
Installation Training (included)
Productivity* 35 units/day
Technical Services Varies – contact [email protected]

Silva Cell 2 Installation Guide

In order to help you plan for your Silva Cell 2 installation, we’ve prepared a detailed video. Watch it to get a better understanding of labor, assembly, equipment, and phasing.

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