13 Simple Steps to Evaluate Trees

There are now dozens of open-source tree maps in communities worldwide. The most successful mapping projects are those that provide citizen scientists with simple guides on how to accurately identify tree species and assess tree health. The more accurate the information on the tree maps, the more accurate the green infrastructure calculations they produce – and the… More

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The Latest Urban Tree Canopy Cover by State

For those with a mission to enhance urban forests, it is vital to have the latest statistics for urban forest or urban tree canopy coverage. In 2010, we shared a chart by Watt and Gunther highlighting the percentage of urban tree canopy (UTC) (urban forests), broken down by city in the United States. Both the… More

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Silva Cell Support Trees in San Marcos: Armorlite Drive Case Study

Just 4 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, and a 40-minute drive north from San Diego, San Marcos, California, is a vibrant, growing city that continues to benefit from its commitment to a green infrastructure. In 2020, the city’s population topped 100,000.  Palomar College and California State University San Marcos call it home. The northern… More

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How Did Silva Cell Get Its Name?

At DeepRoot, we believe big, resilient, strong, healthy trees should be part of an ever-expanding arboreal canopy throughout all the urban areas of the planet. We want to see trees that grow to their full potential and function as part of nature’s ecosystem to mitigate air pollution, absorb noise pollution, provide color and beauty (enhancing… More

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