Exciting News About Root Barriers and Water Barriers

At DeepRoot we like to keep it fresh and fun for everyone. And what is more fresh and fun than innovating our products to be more field efficient and environmentally friendly as well as meeting market demands? (OK, so I work in Operations – sue me). To that end, we’ve got some pretty awesome product… More

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When Can Geomembranes Be Used As A Root Block?

I get a lot of calls about using the our Geomembranes (aka water barrier, aka bamboo barrier) as a substitute for the Tree Root Guides. In these tough economic times, it makes sense that everyone is trying to find ways to save a few dollars here and there. However, the geomembrane does not have the same… More

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Bamboo Containment and Installation

I’ve been growing bamboo since 1978 and have made many mistakes. Some species of bamboo doesn’t do well in Ohio, where I’m based, because they won’t tolerate the cold weather in winter. In some cases I’ve left the plants growing in my yard if only to show others what won’t do well in my climate. To control bamboo’s growth… More

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Bamboo Barrier: The Thicker the Better?

Bamboo. It is great stuff. It is beautiful to look at, sounds neat in the wind, and makes a lovely privacy screen from your neighbors. You know the saying good fences make good neighbors (or good privacy screens make good neighbors). But if bamboo isn’t contained, those same neighbors you are trying to get some private time… More

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Bamboo’s Many Uses

In my last entry I talked about the three different types of bamboo. Many people may not know this, but the United States is home to a native species of temperate (running) bamboo called arundinarea gigantean (river cane). Because most of the U.S. has a cold winter, our native bamboo (running) grew from the gulf… More

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The Basics of Bamboo

I run a business called Burton’s Bamboo Garden, so as you can imagine, I know a lot about bamboo, and I get a lot of questions about it from customers. Today, I want to talk about the basics of this amazing plant.

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Deep Root’s Legacy Products: What Is A Geomembrane?

Last week I wrote about our Root Barrier product; this week I’ll look at the basics of Geomembranes.  There’s a bit of confusion around the terminology for this product, perhaps justifiably so. Let me back up a moment. “Geomembranes” is a generic term that we use to describe two very similar products — BambooBarrier and Water… More

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