Is there a limit to how high water can be transported in a tube?

How Do Trees Transport Water To Such Great Heights?

Sure, you may already know the answer to the question of how trees transport water up to such incredible heights. But this video from Veritasium is still worth it. It explains principles I didn’t even realize existed (water can only rise about 10 meters when sucked through a tube?) and makes a very compelling case… More

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Installer Qualifications for Silva Cell Projects

If you’re a contractor interested in installing a Silva Cell project, don’t be misled in thinking that you must have prior Silva Cell experience. Below is a copy of the section of the DeepRoot Standard Specifications for Silva Cells that relates to Installer Qualifications. Although this exact wording may not be used in all cases,… More

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Why Did We Use That Plastic?

We spend a lot of time at DeepRoot talking about the big picture of “green infrastructure,” but in order to assist in creating viable and sustainable urban eco-systems, we must actually produce products. Plastic products.

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Impressive Tropical Trees from a Visit to Kaua’i

 Ancient survivor This tree (Pandanus tectorius) has many names, including Hala and Screw-pine, but my favorite is Tourist Pineapple, because the fruits fool unsuspecting visitors. This primitive plant is found in fossil records all over the world, including as far away as Europe. It was assumed to be an introduced plant in Hawaii until a… More

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The Role of Trees and Plants in Bioretention

Silva Cells were originally developed to provide adequate tree rooting volumes even in areas dominated by pavement. They do this by extending rootable soil volume under HS20 load bearing surfaces. These rootable tree volumes and the large trees that root in them are also an efficient sustainable stormwater management system. Sometimes people ask us if… More

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