Smart Tree Care and Maintenance Lessons from other cities

In part one of this post, I gave my recommendations for how to address tree maintenance needs in a smarter and more financially (and ecologically) sustainable way. Those recommendations are great, but also general. I think we benefit the most when we share as much specific information about implementing ideas as possible, so today I… More

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From Busy Roadway to Pedestrian Promenade Silva Cell Case Study

The revitalization of Queens Quay, Toronto’s main waterfront street, stretches over 1.7km between Spadina Avenue and Bay Street. Before the recent reconstruction, the street was defined by four lanes of vehicle traffic with narrow sidewalks, and outdated public transit facilities. Dominated by delivery vehicles and used primarily as a loading zone and for the businesses… More

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Rethinking Maintenance of Urban Trees

If you’re a municipal arborist, you probably got into the field of tree care because you love working with trees and you could make a modest living. You know that that in cities maintenance is the only way that trees get large – and that size matters when we talk about the kind of ecosystem… More

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What Kind of Arborist Do You Need?

If you’re involved with an urban development project, chances are trees are also involved in some way, depending on the local municipal codes. Existing trees may need to be protected or require a permit for removal. Many municipal codes require a Certified Arborist to evaluate all or some of the trees on site and write… More

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