Is The 10-20-30 Rule for Tree Diversity Adequate?

Today’s post is by Dr. Bert Cregg, Associate Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Department of Forestry at Michigan State University. It was originally published on The Garden Professors and is reprinted with the author’s permission. -LM We’ve been having an interesting discussion over on the Urban Forestry group on LinkedIn on the origins and… More

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Boston’s Christian Science Plaza an Approved Landmark

I didn’t realize it when I’ve written about the suspended pavement system at Boston’s Christian Science Center in the past, but in 2011 this plaza was designated with Landmark status by the Boston Landmark Commission. Gary Hilderbrand, FASLA, wrote about this site in the January issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine. Intermixed with his thoughts and comments… More

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Marking the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial with Trees

The DeepRoot office is closed today in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This photo shows trees planted outside the new MLK Memorial in Washington, DC. This is a Silva Cell project where nine trees were planted along West Basin Drive, the road adjacent to the memorial. Each tree is planted in approximately in… More

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“Apparent Available Soil” A Good Predictor of Tree Size

There’s a nice little study about tree mortality in the most recent issue of the Casey Trees newsletter, Leaflet. Dr. Jessica Sanders, Casey’s Director of Technical Services and Research, examined both tree mortality and the role of apparent available soil in tree size. Her findings were really interesting.

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Video: Integrating Silva Cells & Utilities

Last month’s webinar by our Technical Director, Pat Greeley, on the topic of integrating Silva Cells and utilities was our best attended, ever, by far (far). We know how important this topic is, and the seminar was a great opportunity to share everything we’ve learned from the nearly 400 installations we’ve completed. 

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Ask Jim: “Are Silva Cells limited in their soil volume?”

Here is this week’s “Ask Jim Urban” column. Jim Urban, FASLA is an expert on urban trees and soils and his recent book, Up By Roots, is the industry bible on these topics. Jim was also involved in the development and design of the Silva Cell system. In this column, which we’ll be running once a… More

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What Is Suspended Pavement?

This post has been updated! Please read the latest article on suspended pavement here.   We use the term “suspended pavement” a lot on this blog and in our presentations, but it occurred to me recently that we’ve never properly defined this term. Here is my attempt to do that by walking through suspended pavement’s… More

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