At the Forefront of Bioretention Media Specifications: an Interview with Curtis Hinman

Curtis Hinman is a senior scientist with Herrera Environmental Consultants in Seattle, WA. Before joining Herrera, Curtis was faculty with Washington State University (WSU) Extension and the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, and was the University’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure Specialist.  With WSU he co-designed and was lead scientist for the WSU Low Impact Development (LID)… More

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How to Tell a Compelling (Tree) Story

We spill a lot of ink on this blog on topics like policy, history, research, and opinion as they relate to green infrastructure. That’s great – and we’re going to keep doing it! – but where trees are concerned, sometimes it’s before and after photos that tell the most compelling story. Pictures document change in a… More

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To Root Prune or Not to Root Prune?

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is, “How often do you root prune?”  This is a tricky question and one for which I wished there were a more clear cut answer. First let’s dispel a myth.  Ready? Ok, here it is. We do NOT root prune every tree in the nursery.  (Take… More

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