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We try to cover a lot of ground on this blog while keeping the information relevant and informative for all our readers. As far as the Silva Cell is concerned, most recently we’ve had information about using tap-on screws for on-structure projects and shared innovative ideas for construction and design from installations across the globe. Next week… More

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First Roadway Median Installation in Kelowna, BC

We had our first commercial installation of Silva Cells along a streetscape in Kelowna, BC nearly 4 years ago (happy almost-anniversary to us). This summer, we were back there for another installation first — a median along a four-lane road.

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Installation Tip: Innovative Ideas for Silva Cell Sites

By Patrick Greeley Now that we’ve seen about 200 Silva Cell projects go in the ground, we’ve learned a thing or two about different ways to go about making these installations a success. Last week we discussed using concrete screws for on-structure sites. Today, we take a look at other innovative ideas we’ve seen along the way.

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Listen to Radiolab’s “It’s Alive”

We’ve talked about it before on this blog — the idea of the city as an organism. And now Radiolab has taken on the subject in truly engrossing and wonderful detail. If you don’t already listen to this program, you should. And what better show to start with than “It’s Alive“?

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Installation Tip: For On-Structure Sites, Use Concrete Screws

Securing Silva Cell frames to the sub-base using spikes is part of our standard installation details. It’s an important step because it prevents the Cells from shifting around and maintains even, consistent spacing between frames.  If you’re installing Silva Cells on-structure, however, regular spikes won’t work. If there is an area of the site where… More

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Fantasy Trees Versus Reality Trees

By L. Peter MacDonagh, RLA, ISA and Leda Marritz “Without trees, a city is just a scab on the earth.” – Chuck Gilstrap It is hard to imagine any creation as wild or as fanciful as what can be found in nature. One way or another, the natural world is where the shapes and inspiration… More

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Things I Ask Peter MacDonagh: Leidenfrost Effect & Trees

By Rebecca Stevens I recently read a blog illustrating the Leidenfrost Effect (whereby liquids glide on cushions of vapor) by sticking one’s hand in liquid nitrogen. The pictures are amazing as is the video. You are probably wondering why we are talking about the Leidenfrost Effect on the DeepRoot blog.

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