Silva Cell Research Part 2: A selection of our findings

This post is the second in a series of three sharing findings from research conducted on 10 Silva Cell projects across North America. Read part one, where we discuss the study design, data collection, and raw growth results, here. After designing the study and selecting the Silva Cell projects, we had to decide what performance… More

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How to Talk About Low Impact Development

Historically, the work of stormwater engineers has involved capturing rainwater and conveying the flows offsite as quickly as possible. This approach led to the development of a vast system of large, centralized treatment facilities handling millions of gallons of stormwater annually – a very efficient, but not very environmentally-minded solution.

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Tree-Friendly Development: The Role of a Consulting Arborist

This article is the final one in a series about tree-friendly development. In past articles we discussed tree-friendly design and building practices. Today, we discuss the vital role of a consulting arborist in the tree preservation process. All arborists are not the same “Arborist” is a generic term for a tree specialist. “Certified Arborist” means… More

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The Livable City Revolution

Around the globe, cities are rediscovering their industrial land. Once sustained by industry, in some places much of this urban infrastructure has closed down, with only the bones remaining. Today, cities are drawing all types – techies, bankers, artists, and immigrants alike – but space is limited. As urban land becomes more precious, communities reconsider… More

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