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The Latest Urban Tree Canopy Cover by State

For those with a mission to enhance urban forests, it is vital to have the latest statistics for urban forest or urban tree canopy coverage. In 2010, we shared a chart by Watt and Gunther highlighting the percentage of urban tree canopy (UTC) (urban forests), broken down by city in the United States. Both the... More

Silva Cell Support Trees in San Marcos: Armorlite Drive Case Study

Just 4 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, and a 40-minute drive north from San Diego, San Marcos, California, is a vibrant, growing city that continues to benefit from its commitment to a green infrastructure. In 2020, the city’s population topped 100,000.  Palomar College and California State University San Marcos call it home. The northern... More

How Did Silva Cell Get Its Name?

At DeepRoot, we believe big, resilient, strong, healthy trees should be part of an ever-expanding arboreal canopy throughout all the urban areas of the planet. We want to see trees that grow to their full potential and function as part of nature’s ecosystem to mitigate air pollution, absorb noise pollution, provide color and beauty (enhancing... More

The Oaks Trees at 17th St Market: An interview with TreeLab

When 22 Oak trees were introduced to their new home in Virginia, they likely received a bit of a shock. After traveling 530 miles from Georgia to be installed as part of the reimagined 17th St. Market, the Oaks needed a great deal of attention, care, and support, and that is just what they received.... More

Silva Cell Case Study in Richmond, Virginia

A 240-year-old market glows with resilient green infrastructure and people-centric design Richmond, Virginia’s 17th Street Farmers Market is the oldest of its kind in the nation, declared a public market in 1779. (Though some accounts claim it started unofficially as early as 1737).  As commerce grew, so did the market, and in 1854 a building... More

Soil Volume Minimums for Street Trees Organized by State/Province

At DeepRoot, we promote large volumes of non-compacted, biologically active loam as essential for street tree health and longevity. Back in 2014, we wanted to recognize the municipalities that were rethinking the vital role trees play in the health of our planet and population, by creating a comprehensive list of soil volume minimums for cities... More

Celebrating Corporate Commons Three: Silva Cell now in All Five Boroughs of NYC

I often get asked, “Do you have any Silva Cell installations in New York City?” After more than a decade of Silva Cell presence in the Greater NYC area, I am a bit incredulous that it is not more well-known in the industry. The answer is a definitive “yes!” A review of our projects in... More

The New Normal: A Silva Cell Case Study in Normal, Illinois

Supporting and tripling the life expectancy of 67 trees, and helping to shape a sustainable identity for Normal’s Uptown Center: The Circle Halfway between St. Louis and Chicago, sits Normal, Illinois, a town of about 52,000 that borders the metropolitan region of Bloomington. Illinois State University and neighboring Wesleyan University bring a youthful and collegiate... More

San Francisco Is Rethinking Streets and Outdoor Dining During COVID-19

In addition to the once-in-a-generation public health crisis arising from COVID-19, the pandemic has also produced a number of unpleasant side effects, not the least of which are frustration, isolation, and the uprooting of many societal norms, such as dining out. As San Francisco enters its fifth month of sheltering in place, the yearning to... More

Lincoln Road, Miami Beach: A Silva Cell Case Study: 10 Years of Success

Over the past century, Miami Beach’s famous Lincoln Road has seen many significant changes. Historic redesigns of this iconic South Beach promenade have run the gamut from tropical to urban to a complement of the two. In 2010, DeepRoot’s Silva Cell was a key part of the successful green infrastructure redesign of the mixed-use extension... More