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The Importance of Soil Structure

Soil structure (how soil particles are held together to form larger structures within the soil) is recognized as an important property of a healthy soil. Grading, tilling, soil compaction and screening soils during the soil processing and mixing process damages structure.  To counteract the loss of structure, specifiers then add to it, utilizing a mined... More

Specifying Compost: How to Get Quality Compost and Avoid Unnecessary Complications

Over the past 20 years compost has become a standard amendment for landscape site soils and topsoil mixes, but specifications are far from standardized. While regional and project-specific conditions require variation in compost quality, there are basic parameters that every compost should meet for use in landscapes. There are also some common provisions that should... More

Research for the Greater Good

A recent research study conducted by Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories tackled the question of the best methodology to grow trees in cities, with the ultimate goal of reaping benefits that mitigate the impact of climate change. The study, titled Aboriculture and Urban Forestry 2019 – in process was produced by Dr. E. Thomas Smiley, Dr. Kelby Fite,... More

Toronto: A Center for Innovation

The City of Toronto has been a pioneer for important public policy initiatives such as one of the first Municipal Soil Volume Standards for street trees, a ground breaking Best Practices Manual for Hardscape Street Tree Planting.  All of this was done through a cross departmental collaborative approach, and began with the Queensway project, which... More

Olmsted Scholars Announced!

The twelfth annual Olmsted Scholars Program announced the finalists and winners today. Congratulations are in order for Areti Athanasopoulos, a master’s student at the University of Colorado Denver, and Anjelyque Easley, an undergraduate at the Penn State. Areti’s focus builds upon her work at the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece, with an investigation and development... More

Proposing on the future.

April brings not one but two environmental holidays, Arbor Day and Earth Day. Placed confusingly close together on the calendar, these two days are sometimes thought to be one and the same.  However these two days have unique origins, spaced miles and decades apart. “Arbor Day is not like other holidays. Each of those reposes... More

Deep roots, strong buds

As the northern hemisphere begins the thaw and our record-setting snow melts, we are drawn to the transformation of the landscape. Our love of trees runs deep, and we are all looking forward to digging in the soil. In Minnesota, the technical team is also trying not to get too excited – sometimes it snows... More

Cultivating Community

Over 20 years ago, the City of Del Mar along the southern California coastline began a citywide process to improve streetscapes with the intention to preserve and enhance the tangible qualities of the community.  In 2019, construction began of the downtown streetscape portion, which will bring these concepts to fruition, building up the commercial center of... More

Celebrating Philadelphia’s First Suspended Pavement System

Come Join us at the ASLA Philadelphia October 19-20! Stop By Booth 1325. Prior to the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO each year, we make an effort to highlight some of the older suspended pavement installations of which we are aware.  One such installation is located in the heart of Philly on Market Street, between... More

Deep Root’s Legacy Products: What Is ArborTie?

Root Barriers, Geomembranes… what is missing from the Deep Root Legacy Products suite? Ah yes, ArborTie. All of our ArborTie products — regular ol’ webbing, complete kits, and bulk stakes and anchors — are to help support young trees as they grow and develop trunk strength.  And, like all of our other products, ArborTie doesn’t... More