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Lincoln Road, Miami Beach: A Silva Cell Case Study: 10 Years of Success

Over the past century, Miami Beach’s famous Lincoln Road has seen many significant changes. Historic redesigns of this iconic South Beach promenade have run the gamut from tropical to urban to a complement of the two. In 2010, DeepRoot’s Silva Cell was a key part of the successful green infrastructure redesign of the mixed-use extension... More

Silva Cell “Leeds” the way in Sovereign Square: Case Study

Sovereign Square is the first significant redevelopment in Leeds City Centre in a generation. Seven years ago, the City of Leeds, a financial and legal hub in the UK, initiated the transformation of an industrial site to a green, urban oasis. Between Sovereign Place and Sovereign Street, the aptly named Sovereign Square has become what... More

Stormwater Quality Benefits of Bioretention With Trees

It’s hard to tell just by looking at a tree-lined street, but soil and its microbes, in combination with trees, work together as a powerful system to improve the quality of stormwater that is filtered through it. Some pollutants are held or filtered by soil, others are taken up or transformed by plants or microbes,... More

Stormwater Quantity and Rate Control Benefits of Trees in Uncompacted Soil

A big part of this blog is devoted to the discussion of trees, soil, and stormwater in the urban context. Today we want to walk through the three processes that allow trees in uncompacted soil to provide stormwater quantity and rate control benefits: Soil storage Interception Evapotranspiration

Silva Cell in London’s Bomber Command Memorial 8 Years Later: A Case Study

The Royal Armed Forces (RAF) Bomber Command Memorial stands in the northwest corner of London’s Green Park, steps from Buckingham Palace. Commemorating the 55,583 aircrew who died flying Bomber Command during WWII, the memorial was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on June 28th, 2012, with thousands of surviving veterans and relatives from... More

Haas School of Business Courtyard Renovation
Silva Cell Case Study

The Haas  School of Business at the University of California-Berkeley wanted to renovate their central courtyard to create a more inviting and functional environment where students, faculty, staff, and visitors  could gather and share ideas. This renovation, the school felt, was essential to furthering their mission to develop leaders who redefine business. Three interconnected buildings... More

Silva Cells at Historic Lakeshore Road, Oakville Ontario – Case Study

The Town of Oakville sits halfway between Toronto and Hamilton, along Lake Ontario’s waterfront. Lakeshore Road was originally a First Nations trail, running along the shore of Lake Ontario. Over time, as European settlers arrived, the road became a central east/west artery through Oakville around which its downtown core developed. Fast-forward to 2020 and Lakeshore... More

Silva Cells at Pacific Plaza, Dallas Texas – Case Study

The City of Dallas has installed 180 DeepRoot Silva Cells and 36 trees at the newly opened Pacific Plaza downtown park. Pacific Plaza was originally a parking lot that has been transformed into a 3.7-acre slice of green, providing a welcome refuge for shade in the urban heat island of downtown Dallas. Pacific Plaza was... More

Silva Cells in Greenwich, CT 4 Years Later – Case Study

Yesterday marked the 4-year anniversary of a Silva Cell installation in Greenwich, Connecticut. The results are rewarding. On June 21, 2016, 42 Silva Cells, using approximately 1050 ft3 (30 m3) of soil, were installed along with two Silver Linden (Tilia Tomentosa) trees on Greenwich Avenue, in Greenwich, Connecticut. The town has its own tree conservancy,... More

The DeepRoot Experience: Meet the Experts

At DeepRoot, our experience, knowledge, and in-depth approach to every project is what truly sets us apart. We know every project is different, and we encourage a collaborative approach to help optimize projects for the maximum cost efficiency, tree health, and stormwater management needs. Why should you rely upon us to help maximize your project... More