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Silva Cells at Historic Lakeshore Road, Oakville Ontario – Case Study

The Town of Oakville sits halfway between Toronto and Hamilton, along Lake Ontario’s waterfront. Lakeshore Road was originally a Native American trail, running along the shore of Lake Ontario. Over time, as European settlers arrived, the road became a central east/west artery through Oakville around which its downtown core developed. Fast-forward to 2020 and Lakeshore... More

Silva Cells at Pacific Plaza, Dallas Texas – Case Study

The City of Dallas has installed 180 DeepRoot Silva Cells and 36 trees at the newly opened Pacific Plaza downtown park. Pacific Plaza was originally a parking lot that has been transformed into a 3.7-acre slice of green, providing a welcome refuge for shade in the urban heat island of downtown Dallas. Pacific Plaza was... More

Silva Cells in Greenwich, CT 4 Years Later – Case Study

Yesterday marked the 4-year anniversary of a Silva Cell installation in Greenwich, Connecticut. The results are rewarding. On June 21, 2016, 42 Silva Cells, using approximately 1050 ft3 (30 m3) of soil, were installed along with two Silver Linden (Tilia Tomentosa) trees on Greenwich Avenue, in Greenwich, Connecticut. The town has its own tree conservancy,... More

The DeepRoot Experience: Meet the Experts

At DeepRoot, our experience, knowledge, and in-depth approach to every project is what truly sets us apart. We know every project is different, and we encourage a collaborative approach to help optimize projects for the maximum cost efficiency, tree health, and stormwater management needs. Why should you rely upon us to help maximize your project... More

How Silva Cells Helped Create an Olympic Village and a Lasting Neighborhood in Vancouver – Case Study

In 2010 The Winter Olympics were hosted and held in Vancouver, BC for two weeks in February. While athletes around the world trained and anxiously awaited these two weeks of games in Vancouver, it took several years of planning and construction to provide for their needs. The City of Vancouver committed to transforming the previously... More

Silva Cells in Toronto 10 Years Later – Sustainable Sidewalk & Stormwater Management Case Study

Initiated as a solution to address the disturbance of street tree roots associated with the removal of sidewalks for utility cuts. Stormwater was routed for the purpose of filtering the water and quality control. Installed in 2008, Ryerson University researchers were retained to evaluate the stormwater performance of the system. Trees that continued to receive stormwater... More

Staying Rooted During a Strange Spring

Unprecedented, weird, strange, and isolation are all words that have been on repeat for the last 8 weeks. For those of us who are not in the front line of the worldwide pandemic, we are working from home until further notice. Fortunately, we’re all hanging in there thanks to our housemates, family, dogs and cats,... More

Silva Cells Part of the Massive Six Points Interchange Retrofit in Toronto – Case Study

Silva Cells helping Toronto meet their Green Standard Goals Silva Cells are managing 55% of the stormwater catchment area in this 6.47-hectare site Over 300 street trees, each one planted with an average of 30m3 of soil 46% annual runoff removed 74% total phosphorus removed 83% annual (TSS) total suspended solids removed 2,756 m³ of... More

The Role of Trees for Bioretention Areas

Silva Cells were originally developed to provide adequate tree rooting volumes even in areas dominated by pavement. They do this by extending rootable soil volume under HS20 load bearing surfaces. These rootable tree volumes and the large trees that root in them are also an efficient sustainable stormwater management system. Sometimes people ask us if... More

Stylish New Austin Hotel Uses Silva Cell

If there were ever a place to take refuge in Austin, Texas it would be at Arrive Hotel. The stylish new hotel features a restaurant, brews, local artist displays, and eight thriving trees. Austin’s East 6th St has been up and coming for years, and the new “low-key luxury” hotel will certainly sustain the enthusiasm.... More