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A Steep Slope in Seattle: A Silva Cell Case Study

– At Fifth Avenue and Madison Street, five blocks from the Seattle waterfront, three trees are thriving on a steep urban incline. – The trio was given proper soil volume to maximize their canopy potential and create a more durable street and sidewalk for a heavily trafficked downtown area, across the street from the Seattle... More

Greening Palo Alto: A Silva Cell Case Study

– In 2016, a few blocks from the Stanford campus, in Palo Alto’s Evergreen Park district, a new multiuse building was constructed. The project included eight shade trees as part of the streetscape along the sidewalk on Sherman Avenue. – Today, the 70,000 ft 2 office space and condominium building boasts a streetscape that handles... More

Using Silva Cells with Green Roofs and On-Structure Applications

DeepRoot’s Silva Cell has been installed in dozens of rooftop projects around the world. Whether it is on top of existing structures such as parking garages, or a garden terrace atop a new construction project, Silva Cells can help create structure, bio-retention for tree roots wherever installed. There are two types of green roof installations,... More

Green Infrastructure Adds Health to Flamingo, Miami Beach: A Silva Cell Case Study

– Just a stone’s throw away from the ocean in the Flamingo neighborhood of Miami Beach is a new development with green infrastructure front and center. – The Baptist Health Urgent Care center is part of the multiuse space at 709 Alton Rd. The structure was designed with architecture that promotes health and well-being for... More

Greenville, South Carolina, Silva Cells Then and Now: Case Study

– One of DeepRoot’s earliest Silva Cell projects involved Jim Urban, FASLA, and Drew Smith of Greenville, South Carolina. – 13 years later, two additional Silva Cell projects are complete, and the city has continued to prioritize green infrastructure—a big contributor to the strengthening of the downtown economy, and a strong lure to new, permanent... More

DeepRoot’s Silva Cell Wins Patent Infringement Case Against GreenBlue Urban

DeepRoot Green Infrastructure and DeepRoot Canada Corp are pleased to announce that on May 28, 2021, the Federal Court of Canada ruled in DeepRoot’s favour and granted its patent infringement lawsuit against GreenBlue Urban. The Court found that GreenBlue Urban’s RootSpace products infringe Canadian Patent Nos. 2,552,348 and 2,829,599 and granted an injunction prohibiting Greenblue... More

Iconic Metropolitan Museum Plaza Redesign Silva Cell Case Study

Founded in 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is the largest art museum in the United States, housing more than two million works of art spanning over 5,000 years from around the world. Located since 1880 on Fifth Avenue on the eastern edge of Central Park, the museum welcomes more than... More

Silva Cell Trees Years of Growth

Some say a picture is worth 1,000 words, how about 1,000 cubic feet? Silva Cells have supported trees throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for over a decade. From University plazas to corporate office headquarters, and streetscapes, trees installed with Silva Cells are thriving. At a minimum, each tree on all of... More

La Plaza De Las Americas: A Silva Cell Case Study

– A permanent public space reclaimed for the community of Washington Heights elevates large city space transformation via incorporating green infrastructure – 14 trees create an inviting ambiance for people at the lively market, establishing a hierarchy of trees and people over cars and streets. – The trees have grown substantially in the past several... More

Treating Hydrocarbons with Green Infrastructure

I’ve always believed in nature’s processes to manage compounds in the environment. Even as a young undergraduate engineer, I often wondered why we are removing natural systems like trees and soil rather than working with them, why we weren’t protecting and bolstering those systems in ways that enhanced their natural mitigating processes. The (relatively) recent... More