The Future of Green Infrastructure in New York City

There are no shortage of city and state green initiatives being written and debated out there. With a bit of luck and plenty of hard work we’ve been able to be a part of many of these discussions, bringing in the knowledge of tree, soil, and stormwater experts like L. Peter MacDonagh, RLA, ISA and… More

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What Do Our Green Spaces Say About Us?

I am always on the lookout for design and architecture blogs that cover varied topics in interesting and compelling ways, so I was very happy when I discovered Blooming Rock, a blog focusing on issues around community, architecture and sustainability in the Phoenix area.

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Friday Follies: Amazing African Baobab Trees

Last week we took a Deep Root class trip to Minneapolis to visit the Kestrel Design Group (so much fun). In the course of the week Peter MacDonagh, Kestrel’s Director of Science + Design, showed us this incredible the Baobab Tree (Adansonia digitata) of Sagole, South Africa. This is similar to the Teapot Tree that can… More

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Is WA DOE’s Stormwater Strategy Toothless?

Image of flooding at Yesler Street in Seattle by Peter Mooney  Yesterday I read an excellent article on Sightline Daily summarizing and analyzing the Washington State Department of Ecology’s latest “draft draft draft” LID Stormwater Standards. This plan outlines WA DOE’s strategy for integrating Low Impact Development (LID) solutions to reduce polluted stormwater runoff that has long… More

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How Deep Do Tree Roots Grow?

Click here for a general overview of the factors that influence how deep tree roots grow. Or, continue reading below to dig in to the science a bit deeper. By James Urban, FASLA Here’s an objection we face a lot when working on Silva Cell projects: “Tree roots don’t grow more than 24″ (65 cm)… More

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Photos From Connecting Derby Silva Cell Installation

One overcast and dreary day about two weeks ago, Silva Cells were installed in a tree installation at a car park in Derby, UK. (I was just informed, by the way, that “Derby” is pronounced “Dahr-bee,” much to my embarrassment, thankfully I didn’t say it out loud too often). The Connecting Derby site is a project… More

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Silva Cell Project Map

Worldwide we have had more than 150 Silva Cell installations (161, according to our records). You can see them on our regularly updated Google Map!

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Urban Tree Key for Amateur Arborists

Earlier this year we wrote about San Francisco’s crowd-sourced tree census project (so neat). And there’s a lot that you can contribute to this project without knowing that much about trees… nonetheless, if you would like to be able to identify more trees more easily (I know I do) then you may want to start… More

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Root Barrier Projects, 15 Years Later

A few weeks ago I was in New York, and Al Key and I were out and about checking on root barrier sites that he installed back in 1995. We got to meander around Ditmas Park in Brooklyn (a gorgeous neighborhood that always reminds of how I pictured Stingo’s life in “Sophie’s Choice”) and Tompkins… More

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