Happy Holidays from DeepRoot!

We’re taking the next week off from blogging to celebrate the winter holidays. We’ll be back to regular posts starting on January 4th. See you in 2012! Image: camflam 

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Beautiful Hand Plants by Guido Daniele

I apologize in advance that in order to show you Guido Daniele‘s amazing paintings of plants using hands (hands!) as his canvas, that I must also subject you to a bombardment of AT&T ads. Yep, that’s right. Those palm trees are planted fingers (and arms). More of Daniele’s amazing plant art after the jump.

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What Would Harold and Maude Do?

I remember the first time I saw Harold and Maude. It was here in San Francisco, in Dolores Park, on one of their movie nights. I’m sure it was freezing cold and foggy.  There is a scene, for those of you haven’t seen it or saw it years ago, where Harold and Maude liberate a… More

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San Francisco Residents Can Give Christmas Trees A Second Life

So it’s not exactly the same thing as a proper Christmas tree, it’s much cooler.  San Francisco Department of the Environment and non-profit Friends of the Urban Forest have partnered to create a “Dreaming of a Green Christmas” program where, instead of a traditional (cut) pine tree, you get a young potted tree. After Christmas… More

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When Can Geomembranes Be Used As A Root Block?

I get a lot of calls about using the our Geomembranes (aka water barrier, aka bamboo barrier) as a substitute for the Tree Root Guides. In these tough economic times, it makes sense that everyone is trying to find ways to save a few dollars here and there. However, the geomembrane does not have the same… More

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Sites Where Ordinary Street Trees Fare Best

Most urban trees in North America are planted in inadequate soil volumes and other inhospitable conditions that doom them to premature decline and death, meaning that we rarely capture their full ecological utility or enjoy their beauty. But, there are exceptions to every rule, and street trees are no different. Indeed, some trees planted in urban areas… More

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