Guilds Lofts Courtyard—The Yards of DC: Silva Cell Case Study

– Silva Cells help deliver on-site stormwater management that integrates water, soil, and tree roots through bioretention. – Eight trees each have 800 ft3 of soil and manage 1,600 gallons of stormwater at The Guild Lofts with 282 2X Silva Cells. – Water is captured on-site from the roof to the ground. The plaza where… More

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Waterline Square-New York City: Silva Cell Case Study

-1,800 Silva Cells lie below six blocks of the streetscape and a 2-acre open plaza space of New York City’s Waterline Square. -Waterline Square is a brand-new complex on West End Avenue, between 59th and 61st Streets in New York City. It is a five-building project that started back in 2012 at Riverside Center and… More

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Green Infrastructure and the 3 C’s: Creativity Collaboration and Compromise

Developing Green Infrastructure in Cities Requires a Paradigm Shift The imperative of dealing with climate change has generated the need for cities to develop “green” infrastructure. The development of green, environmentally ethical, infrastructure needs upstream support from politicians and policymakers to succeed. It also requires fundamental changes downstream to the way plans for streets and… More

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