Trees and Soils: Stormwater Superstars in the Greater D.C. Region?

Stormwater permits are maturing in the greater D.C. region, driven by Chesapeake Bay and Anacostia River restoration mandates.   Two of the three major Anacostia stormwater permits – for Montgomery County (issued in 2010) and the District of Columbia (issued in 2011), carry real clout in the form of retrofitting mandates with required numbers of impervious… More

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Tigard, OR Sets Soil Volume Minimum for Street Trees

We recently learned that Tigard, OR, a town of about 48,000 people that is part of the Portland metro area, has implemented an impressive soil volume minimum for trees planted in streets and parking lots: up to 1,000 cubic feet of soil per tree.

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Five Recent Canadian Silva Cell Installations

I like to periodically share information about recent Silva Cell installations, and today’s roundup is all Canadian projects – many for which we have before and after pictures. The soil volumes, applications, and age of these projects vary, so make sure to pay attention to the installation summaries for each. The above picture is from… More

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Against Mulch

In a recent webinar discussing the first principles of using trees and soil for stormwater management in urban areas, I mentioned that I am often not in favor of using mulch. In fact, I said that if it were up to me, mulch would not be included by default in most planting specifications. After the… More

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Why We Should Be Specifying More Bare Root Trees

“Bare root” is the form that most trees take when nurseries begin the several year process of growing trees for retail.  The young trees must be handled carefully, are typically only available at certain times of year, and some species are sensitive to transplant as bare root stock. This has made it a bit tricky… More

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Video: How to Tie ArborTie

We recently wrapped another video project! This one is about ArborTie, a staking and guying material from our legacy line. This video walks through the basics of the product and how to attach it securely to a tree. 

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The Extraordinary Trees of Toronto’s Sugar Beach

A few weeks ago I attended the International Society of Arboriculture tradeshow and expo in Toronto. It was a fun show, with a number of excellent sessions and some great conversations. But the most fun part was getting a chance to go see some of our Silva Cell installations in the city, and the trees… More

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Seeing the Forest for the TreesTD Green Streets: Actions, Ideas, and Engagement

This article is the first of a series that aims to plant innovative, inspiring, and actionable seeds in the realms of community-building, art, and arboriculture. These seeds will be planted by providing readers with information on funding programs and opportunities for environmental projects alongside discussion of related concepts/projects in contemporary art. What will grow exactly… More

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