Isaac Asimov’s Super Quiz: Tree Edition

Here’s a little light entertainment for a summer Friday. Peter MacDonagh found this, Isaac Asmiov’s Super Quiz: Trees, in an edition of last month’s Minneapolis StarTribune. Care to give it a whirl?

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Specifying and Selecting Quality Nursery Stock James Urban Webinar

Earlier this month we hosted a webinar where James Urban, FASLA was the guest speaker. This webinar complemented Jim’s article in the April 2013 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine, “The Root of the Problem.” During the webinar, Jim spoke about one of the most important points in the process of designing and planting a tree: that moment… More

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DeepRoot Wants To Buy You Cookies

We don’t normally post on Tuesdays, but this week we are to remind our (wonderful, amazing) readers that we are hiring for two new positions and want you and/or your friends and/or your cats to apply. The two jobs are:

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If You Get Lost, Just Stand Up* The Pygmy Forest of Mendocino

This area used to be a bog. Acidic water leached minerals for hundreds of thousands of years, forming a hardpan, making drainage very slow. The soil is unfavorable for plant growth in several ways – it is extremely acidic, aluminum levels are high enough to be called toxic, nutrients are low, and the poor drainage… More

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Fourth Silva Cell Installation in Lincoln, NE

Downtown Lincoln, NE. Flickr credit: Edward Stojakovic A trees-and-stormwater Silva Cell installation is set to take place in Lincoln, NE in July that will provide over 400 cubic feet of soil per tree to 12 trees in a parking lot. This will actually be our fourth installation in this city of just over 260,000 people…. More

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The Rise of the Curb Cut Part 2: Don’t Be Afraid of the Water

(Read “Rise of the Curb Cut: Part 1 here). The fundamental behavior of stormwater in curbs and street design is simple. Each creature, each inanimate object, each molecule of everything functions and abides by its simple and powerful law every day: gravity. From this basic concept, direct parallels can be drawn between the design elements… More

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Derby Midland Station Interchange Silva Cell Case Study

The city of Derby has been in the midst of an ambitious urban regeneration project since 2003, a key aspect of which has been the development of a public realm strategy that increases pedestrian freedom and enhances major civic spaces such as the Derby Railway Station. Derby City Council laid out a plan to modernize… More

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The Rise of the Curb Cut Part 1: From Streets to Streams

Before anyone is lost to their thoughts or misgivings about the title of this post, this is not a piece on Germany in World War II or military strategies. Rather, this is about how odd parallels can be drawn between streets and nature, the built environment and natural one, and how an understanding of history… More

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