Silva Cell Design Features Explained

There’s no arguing that, at first glance, the Silva Cell just looks like a hunk of black plastic. Its humble and basic form definitely doesn’t reflect the extensive design, testing, and engineering that has gone in to it. Here’s a brief overview of the why the Silva Cell is the way it is.

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Would You Support A Parcel Tax for Trees?DeepRoot Poll

Back in July, we learned that San Francisco property owners were likely to assume 100% responsibility for street trees (at that time, this was already the case for about 80 percent, of 89,000, trees). Now the transition is officially beginning. What I didn’t realize was that, right around the same time, San Francisco Supervisor Scott… More

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Silva Cell Stormwater Schematics Aid Site Design

Back in March, we introduced our Stormwater Schematics for the first time. Last week’s webinar reminded me that I want to make sure everyone knows about these as they consider how they want to use the Silva Cell on their site. The Stormwater Schematics (look under the Standard Details, Specifications, & Schematics section) are there to help designers… More

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Read About Silva Cell Engineering On Our Website

We don’t talk about engineering as it relates to the Silva Cell much here, mostly because I’m still mastering basic math and have little to bring to the conversation. But that aside, the Silva Cell is a highly engineered product, and since it’s used in urban environments, engineering is an important consideration on all of… More

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DeepRoot’s Al Key Speaking at the Ohio ISA Show

Join DeepRoot’s Al Key for a talk at the Ohio ISA Conference on February 27th! Al will be speaking about how to design for large soil volumes in central downtown areas using the Silva Cell system, thereby aiding urban tree growth and survival rates as well as on-site stormwater management. 

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