Getting Started: Designers

New “Getting Started” Sections Guide Use of Silva Cells

One challenge we’ve always struggled with on the DeepRoot website is how to get people just the right amount of information: enough so that they can answer any questions they have and enable them to move forward in their projects, but not so much that they become frustrated and can’t find what they’re looking for. The… More

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Where's the tree?

Make The Place Right for the Tree

It’s a common refrain in arboriculture, and you’ve probably heard it before (maybe even here): plant the right tree in the right place. It seems so sensible. It is sensible! But it’s an incomplete rule of thumb, because it doesn’t acknowledge one of the fundamental challenges of growing mature trees in urban environments: the need… More

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It's important to protect trees during construction

Green Building from the Outside InPreserving Trees During Construction

Today’s post from monthly guest author Ellyn Shea is about a truly important, but often overlooked, issue: protecting existing trees during construction. I’m a sucker for success stories, and this is a great one. -LM Every time we lose a mature tree, we lose those benefits. A young replacement tree takes up to 30 years… More

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DeepRoot’s New Mobile Site is UP!

We are excited to announce that our site has now been adapted to smartphones! This means that when you want to use the web browser on your phone to find out more about our products, services, or distributors, it will be much easier.

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LEED building

Three Notable Changes in LEED v4

The much-discussed and debated LEED v4 is set to roll out throughout 2013. I’m not sufficiently knowledgeable to write anything meaningful about earlier versions of LEED or their impact, although I’ve read enough to know they are mixed. Fortunately there are people out there eager to summarize and share the upcoming changes with the rest… More

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Video: Where Do Trees Come From?

This video by Australian company Veritasium about how trees create their mass – trunks, branches, so on – was originally linked to by NPR-crush Robert Krulwich. Would it be too embarrassing to admit that I learned something from it?

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In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a Modest Proposal

This post is by Bert Cregg and was originally posted on The Garden Professors. It is reprinted with permission from the author (thanks, Bert!). Initial estimates from insurers indicate that Superstorm Sandy may be the second costliest storm in US history.  A large portion of the damage attributable to Sandy and several of the deaths associated… More

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