How To Grow Small Trees

So, usually we’re talking about big trees on this blog. Today our partner Sarah K. Faiks, a sustainable landscape architect with the Kestrel Design Group, flips us on our ear and discusses small trees instead — and what bonsai has to teach us about urban tree planting techniques. The art and practice of bonsai has… More

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How To Estimate the Cost of a Silva Cell System

“How much does the Silva Cell cost?” As you can imagine, this question comes up a lot; some of you have probably asked it yourselves. Designers, owners, and policy-makers all (rightfully) want to know. We’re not being coy when we invariably answer, “Um, it depends!” because to give an accurate price quote we need a… More

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Windthrow & Trees

By Albert Key While there is much empirical information on wind throw, ultimately, we do not know the exact stresses which wind puts on mature trees, as the only way to academically test wind throw is with young trees. A study that I worked on with Dr. Tom Smiley of the Bartlett Tree Laboratory generated… More

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Most Popular Blog Articles of 2010

I meant to put this post together for the end of December (whoops) but it slipped my mind. Still, I find it interesting to look back on the articles readers have paid the most attention to regardless of the time of year. Here, in order, are the most read entries from this blog for 2010:

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Like Going to the ER For a Paper Cut

By L. Peter MacDonagh, RLA, ISA, LEEP-AP I have a lot of discussions about the role of trees, soil and stormwater in the urban environment — particularly, about how much more effective than your average stormwater system that they can be at managing daily rainfall events. Sometimes I encounter disbelief that this could be the case,… More

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Leveraging the Ultra Urban Landscape

I like the ASLA blog The Dirt quite a bit. They cover a variety of topics and showcase different voices and viewpoints (I especially liked Rene Bihan’s “Nature is Dead” piece and the “Landscape Architects Must Fight For Public Health” editorial). A recent entry, “Leveraging the Landscape to Manage Stormwater,” combines an article and a… More

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Now, A Word From Our Sponsors…

By Graham Ray It turns out that getting a blog entry done by me in time to kick off the year is about as likely as getting our family holiday card out in time for, well, the holidays! Something about twin three year olds and the demands of work just keep getting in the way…. More

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How Trees Can Make Mass Transit Systems More Successful

One of the Silva Cell system’s most powerful selling points from a practical perspective is its modularity. The 2’ x 4’ x 1.5’ cell can be oriented to fit in almost any space, and our details provide guidance for all kinds of standard and non-standard site elements. As a result, the Silva Cell gets used on… More

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