Keeping Room for Urban Trees

by Peg Staeheli, MIG|SvR Urban tree canopy is a hot topic these days given its documented benefits to human health and ability to help combat climate change (USDA; ADF) and many cities have a long history of tree planting campaigns. However, in order to reap the benefits for health and habitat, we need to continue… More

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Prepare for the Next Drought: Plant Trees

Waiting for the Rain  As I write this in California, I am looking out at a sunny winter’s day. While the sunshine is pleasant, it reminds me that winter is our rainy season, and we don’t want too many sunny days this time of year.     In the San Francisco Bay Area where I live, we… More

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What Snow Can Show Us: Getting Inspired by “Sneckdowns”

Winter is upon us, and with it comes snow in many parts of the country. After a decent snowfall the plows come out, and inadvertently begin to illustrate compelling ideas for both traffic calming and public space. Yes, you read that correctly! As plows clear the streets and ensure automotive traffic can get around safely,… More

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Street Trees in Britain, A History – Interview with Mark Johnston

Mark Johnston is an independent scholar who holds a PhD in urban forestry from the University of Ulster. He has over forty years experience in the greenspace industry, including working as a tree officer in local government, consultant in private practice, university lecturer, and government adviser. Although originally from London, Mark is based in Belfast,… More

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