Top 7 DeepRoot Silva Cell FAQs for Contractors

1: Can Silva Cells go around utilities? Yes, our modules can be moved and oriented to accommodate most utilities, footings, and other obstacles. Integration with utilities is by no means a barrier to using Silva Cells! Silva Cells are designed to be completely structurally independent, meaning it is not necessary for them to be in… More

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Silva Cells Can Be Installed with (around) Existing Trees – Part II

Following our post about critical questions to ask prior to using Silva Cells with existing trees, the following are a few examples of successful applications in the USA and Canada. As with any root pruning operation we always recommend close consultation with a local certified arborist. Gallant Ave | Deep Cove | British Columbia This… More

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Green Infrastructure and the 3 Cs: 300 Front St. Case Study, Toronto

Creating a Standard for a Green Infrastructure Sidewalk This is the first of a series of five posts featuring case studies that illustrate the need for a paradigm shift for how streets and sidewalks are designed and constructed. This new paradigm for Green Infrastructure is based on Creativity, Collaboration, and Compromise (CC&C), and is demonstrated… More

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Green Infrastructure and the 3 C’s: Creativity Collaboration and Compromise

Developing Green Infrastructure in Cities Requires a Paradigm Shift The imperative of dealing with climate change has generated the need for cities to develop “green” infrastructure. The development of green, environmentally ethical, infrastructure needs upstream support from politicians and policymakers to succeed. It also requires fundamental changes downstream to the way plans for streets and… More

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Silva Cell Stormwater and Design Tool Release!

Engineers, Landscape Architects, Designers, we have an exciting new tool for you! Wondering how many Silva Cells® you need to meet your project stormwater management goals? This tool is your guide. DeepRoot Green Infrastructure’s Technical Director Pat Greeley and DeepRoot Urban Solutions (UK) Dr. Chris Newton have created the Silva Cell Stormwater Design and Sizing… More

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What to Consider When Designing Green Stormwater Systems

This blog is the first in a series of three that focuses on maintenance for Green Infrastructure (GI) systems and includes design considerations for selecting and designing GI systems, developing O&M manuals, and training maintenance staff to maintain the installed GI facilities. Conventional or grey stormwater infrastructure systems require maintenance in order to provide the… More

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Where to Plant a Street Tree?

We hear a lot of discussion about the need to increase urban tree canopy, and the area people often focus on when planting new trees is the strip of land along the street in front of homes or businesses. This strip is known as a planting strip, buffer, neutral zone, park strip, or in Great… More

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Every Which Way of Integrating Silva Cells and Utilities

“What about utilities?” This is probably the most frequently asked question I hear on projects where the Silva Cell is being used. And I get it! Utilities are an extremely important consideration. As DeepRoot’s technical manager, I am often the person responsible for explaining what the different options are for working around utilities in pre-construction… More

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Video: Integrating Silva Cells & Utilities

Last month’s webinar by our Technical Director, Pat Greeley, on the topic of integrating Silva Cells and utilities was our best attended, ever, by far (far). We know how important this topic is, and the seminar was a great opportunity to share everything we’ve learned from the nearly 400 installations we’ve completed. 

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