The Space Between the Pavement and the Tree

I often get the following question from designers: what do I do with the space between the pavement and the street tree? Typically, it’s a small space of anywhere from 16 to 64 square feet in which the tree is supposed to live, commonly known as the “tree pit.” Really, it is  an opening into… More

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Video: Stomata Opening and Closing

You know how when you learn something in school, it sounds a little abstract until you actually see it? For example, I remember learning about what stomata are. Here is the definition according to Wikipedia: In botany, a stoma (plural stomata) (occasionally called a stomate, plural stomates)[1] (from Greekστόμα, “mouth”[2]) is a pore, found in the epidermis of leaves, stems and… More

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Suspended Pavement Study at the Bartlett Tree Lab, Year 9

Here is this year’s photo from the Bartlett Tree Lab study comparing different planting methods for urban trees. This year, we can also share a graph that demonstrates just how well the trees growing in suspended pavement are doing relative to the other treatments. 

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Toronto Expands Green Roof Incentive Program

In 2009, Toronto became the first city in North America to establish a bylaw requiring green roofs of new development. This bylaw has now been in effect for nearly four years; applies to new building permit applications for residential, commercial, and institutional developments of greater than 2,000 square meters. Recently, Toronto expanded their Eco-Roof program… More

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DeepRoot Exhibiting at the ASLA Show This Weekend

We’re exhibiting at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) show this weekend in Boston! We’re in Booth 2037. The Expo will take place at the Boston Convention Center, and in addition to the tradeshow floor, there are a ton of great speakers on the schedule.

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An Open Letter to the Complete Streets Movement

A large-canopy tree is a very beautiful thing. On this, most people will agree. But is not only beautiful—it also benefits its community. It provides shade and shelter, protects air quality, and reduces air temperatures, water runoff, and human stress. A street lined with such trees is a desirable place to live and work, and… More

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Who Cares for the City?

Today’s blog post is written by Erika Svendsen, a social scientist with the U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station. It was originally published at The Nature of Cities. -LM In 2002, I was working full-time as a social science researcher for the US Forest Service in New York City.  My colleague Lindsay Campbell and I visited with… More

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U.K. Soil Specification Now Available

We’re happy to share today that we have released a soil specification for the UK market. It is available for download in PDF format on our website. The spec was written by Tim O’Hare, a soils expert and the principal of Tim O’ Hare Associates, a leading environmental consultancy specializing in soil science and landscape… More

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