What is the Silva Cell, and how does it work?

What Is the Silva Cell, and How Does It Work?

After a very (very) long time in production, we finally have a new video that explains – in just two minutes – what exactly the Silva Cell is, and how it can help you grow mature trees and manage stormwater at source. 

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The Best News in Trees and Green Infrastructure

I read a lot about trees, soil, and stormwater – our green infrastructure trifecta. While I already have more than I keep up with, I’m always looking for more and better outlets that are talking about the type of news that is most relevant to us. Here are some of  my favorites.

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Introducing Before & After

We’re introducing a new photo album on our Facebook page called Before & After, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: trees planted in Silva Cells from year to year.

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Urban Trees for Carbon Offsets

This post is written by Melinda Housholder and originally appeared on Loose Leaf, the blog of American Forests.  Earlier this month, I attended a workshop in Davis, California, called “Urban Forests & Carbon Markets” that American Forests participated in and co-sponsored through a grant with the U.S. Forest Service’s Urban & Community Forestry Program. As California takes the lead to… More

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Trees By The Numbers: Does Data Matter?

I read a lot of news about trees in the urban environment. These stories are usually about how important trees are, and frequently cite statistics like the number of tons of carbon storage and sequestration trees provide, the quantity of pollutants they remove, the amount of money they save us, or their contribution to controlling… More

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Suspended Pavement at the Bartlett Tree Lab, Year 8

Here is this year’s photos from the Bartlett Tree Lab study comparing different planting methods for urban trees. For comparison, check out last year’s set. And for a fuller chronological picture, you can see each year’s photos, from 2004 onward, here.

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