Trees for Public Safety: Reducing Crime Rates

There are so many reasons why trees are beneficial in urban areas. This abundance of evidence can have the strange effect of sometimes making the benefits we cite feel like platitudes rather than proven, compelling facts (“trees are so great, here’s a million reasons why…” *staring off in to space*). For that reason, as much… More

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Green Infrastructure Endorsed by the New York Times

More good news/bad news from New York. In an editorial two weeks ago, the New York Times endorsed green infrastructure solutions for managing stormwater runoff. We’re pleased as punch to see this issue getting deserved attention. But there was one part of the editorial that had us scratching our heads.

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Today We Turn 2

Guys, this little blog is two years old today! If it were a person, we’d have gone from weighing about 7 lbs to almost 30 lbs. Happy anniversary!

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How to See a Tree in Photos

When my grandmother was getting on in years, and not too mobile, we used to take her out for drives near her home in upstate New York. She had a habit of commenting on the trees she saw, to no one in particular, and fluttering her hands as she did so to outline their general… More

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Will Root Barriers Harm Trees?

For a long time, root barriers have been the bread and butter of DeepRoot’s business. We take our name from what they’re designed to achieve, and if they’re used correctly, they are an effective way to eliminate pavement and sidewalk heaving by tree roots. But can they hurt trees?

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Incredible Fossilized Trees

Fossils are pretty amazing. These ghostly remains contain incredible detail about the ancient living things that accidentally created them. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal about the discovery of 385 million year old forest fossils got me wanting to know more about some of the most eerie, lovely specimens.

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Moving from Tree Planting to Tree Performance

Today’s post is by Bert Cregg, an Associate Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Department of Forestry at Michigan State University. It is reprinted with his permission from his blog, The Garden Professors. I ‘like’ American Forests page on Facebook so I receive their periodic updates.  One item that caught my eye recently was a profile… More

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“Roots May Be Stopped Entirely”

This video of time-lapse root growth from the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station and the Soil and Water Conservation Research Division of the USDA was done in the 1950s or ’60s. It’s a looong video, but it’s pretty neat.

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Upcoming Events, International Edition

March is finally here, thank god. It’s still three more months before the next national holiday, but somehow the year now feels officially underway. We’re busy this month; here’s what we’re up to:

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