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Old West Brings New Technology to Historic Downtown Silva Cell Case Study

Downtown Fort Worth, Texas was a popular hangout for outlaws, cattleman, gamblers, cowboys, and many legendary names from the glory days of the Old West. The site’s historic architecture and rich heritage has been preserved through the development of Sundance Square, a 35-block collection of restored and replicated turn-of-the-century storefronts, outfitted with colorful landscaping and… More

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Happy 4th Birthday, Blog!Behind the scenes with Leda Marritz

In commemoration of the 4 year anniversary of this blog, Green Infrastructure for Your Community, I sat down with Ms. Leda Marritz, the woman behind it all, to reflect on the last 4 years of the blog, the topics she finds most compelling, and some of her own story, inspirations, and aspirations, both inside and… More

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Trees, People, and the Built EnvironmentApril 2nd and 3rd, 2014

If you follow us on Twitter, you might have heard that we’re headline sponsors of this year’s Trees, People, and the Built Environment conference in Birmingham, UK (April 2 – 3, 2014). This conference, which is hosted by the Institute of Chartered Foresters and was last hosted in 2011, seeks to gather professionals in different… More

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Trees in Hard Landscapes: A Guide for Delivery

Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) is an not-for profit, open collaborative facilitating cross-sector and cross-disciplinary dialogue and projects promoting the role of the urban forest throughout the United Kingdom. I am the convenor of the group. We share the collective vision that the location of trees, and all the benefits they bring, can be… More

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Webinar: Designing for Desert Soils

Last month we hosted our first webinar of 2014, a conversation between James Urban, FASLA, and Doug Merkler, Resource Soil Scientist for Southern Nevada with the USDA, on the basics of designing for desert and arid soils. If you missed the live event, a recording is now available on our YouTube channel. I have to personally share how… More

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All About Silva Cell Setbacks

One of the most misunderstood Silva Cell standards is the 18” (45 cm) setback from roadway traffic.  It’s true that when Silva Cells are installed adjacent to a roadway, we require 18” (45 cm) of horizontal separation between the Silva Cells and the path of the nearest tire.  There are two reasons for this requirement…. More

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To Live and Die Among Trees

Quick – name three important types of urban open spaces…public parks, community gardens, umm…roof gardens…how about cemeteries? While making space for the living invariably involves destruction of open space, the space we make for the dead can be a uniquely important part of the urban forest. We owe our historical cemeteries a great deal in… More

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History of Street Trees in the British Isles: Medieval and Monastic Era to Aristocratic Pall Mall

This is Part 2 in the History of Street Trees in Britain and Ireland. Read Part 1 of this series here. The cultural, religious, medical and agricultural vacuum that followed the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire led directly to the establishment of independent, self-sufficient catholic monasteries. The dominant monastic culture came directly from Britain, specifically… More

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