The Benefits of Soil Sharing for Trees

There is a lot of discussion going around about the benefits of creating shared soil volumes for urban trees — in other words, connecting the rooting areas of two or more trees. Do they benefit? Do they not? In my mind, a shared soil volume is kind of like living in an apartment with a… More

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Hands-On Tree Roots: Rochester Arborist Workshop

Landscape Architects, like many other professions, have a variety of specialties. Some focus on site planning, others on urban landscape design, and some get down and dirty in residential design/build. It really runs the gamut. I have been trying to learn more about trees. 

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New Silva Cell Layout Guidelines & Video Tutorial

Complimentary Silva Cell plan reviews are a service that DeepRoot Urban Solutions provides for each project we work on. We do this because we aim to be partners in the design process and want to ensure that the use of the Silva Cell is optimized for your tree, stormwater, and site design goals. Up until this… More

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How Long Can Soils “Live” Under Paving Without Trees?

Occasionally we work on Silva Cell projects where the installation of the product and the soil it contains happen far in advance of any trees being planted. In these instances, we often get asked by concerned designers whether the soil biology can be maintained under sidewalks in the temporary absence of trees — and if… More

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Nursery Trees Are Not All Created Equal

According to a recent article from Mark Kivner with the BBC, the first scientific study to examine what is commonly known as the nursery effect — that is, identical trees developing differently based on their growing conditions — has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Let the “trees don’t forget… More

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The Future of Bio Char Part 3 of 3

In Part 1 I talked about the history of Bio Char. In Part 2, I discussed some of the controversy surrounding this soil amendment. Here in Part 3, I’ll look at how you obtain bio char and explore ideas for its future applications in cities. Bio char is made much differently than the charcoal we use… More

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Silva Cells & Underground Utilities: Strategies for Integration

In my experience, conversations about utilities usually put everyone a little bit on edge. And once we start talking to folks about sticking a product like the Silva Cell underneath the sidewalks where their utilities run, some people would love to stop the conversation altogether. But using the Silva Cell in areas with utilities isn’t… More

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Thoughts on Bio Char Part 2 of 3: A Controversial Soil Amendment?

In Part 1 I talked about the history of Bio Char. In Part 2, I’ll discuss some of the controversy surrounding this soil amendment. I’ve only known about bio char for the last several years. My first experience with seeing modern manufactured bio char applied was by Dr. Kelby Fite at Bartlett Tree Laboratory over… More

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