Thoughts On Memorial Day, And Cats

We’re not in the office today in observance of Memorial Day, and the fine soldiers of the world (and the cats and other things things that they loved). See you on Wednesday! Image: I Can Haz Cheezburger

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What To Do When “Climate Change Hits Home”

That headline was a little ominous, wasn’t it? It sounds like those scary preparedness pamphlets you see at a doctor’s office or in the subway. What to do if you see somebody acting suspicious. What do to if your baby chokes. What to do if [Bad Thing here]. And that brings me to climate change.

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Help Us Design a Better Root Barrier

  Root barriers have somewhat been relegated to the side what with all of the hullabaloo about the Silva Cell. This is a little sad to me, since root barriers have been an effective tool used to help maintain the integrity of sidewalks and other hardscapes for over 30 years. They are also an important… More

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All About Marginal Soils Part 2 of 3: Can Broken Soil Be Fixed?

In Part 1 of this series I talked about the basics of soil compaction and how soils are broken. Today, I’ll look at whether broken soils can be fixed. Since soil compaction so often causes problems after construction, many scientists have studied the effectiveness of ways to avoid compaction or reverse it after it occurs…. More

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Are Trees Landscape or Infrastructure?

Like soil and other vegetation, trees are an element of the built environment typically associated with the landscape. It makes sense. They are land-based organisms that dominate the natural world. They certainly are nothing like pipes, sewers and other grey infrastructure. Right?

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All About Marginal Soils Part 1 of 3: How Soils Are Broken

Urban soils are typically inhospitable places for trees, other plants, and their oxygen breathing microorganisms. Construction equipment, grading, and even human foot traffic leave urban soils much more compacted than natural soils. Typically 40-55% of the volume in a healthy forest soil consists of pore space. This pore space consists of varying proportions of air… More

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Would You Pay More To Live On A Tree-Lined Street? DeepRoot Poll

We all know how powerfully street trees can increase property values. Which is all well and good when you’re the one selling the property, but how about when you’re the one renting or buying? Are you willing to shell out a little extra for the pleasure of seeing some green outside your window? [polldaddy poll=4947877]… More

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