Schematics Illustrate How To Use Silva Cells For Stormwater Management

The DeepRoot team has developed a set of Stormwater Schematics (look under the Standard Details, Specifications, & Schematics section) to help designers envision how to get stormwater into and out of the Silva Cell system.  While there are limitless possibilities for how to design stormwater management techniques on your site, these Schematics give designers a… More

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Stormwater Estimating Worksheet Now Available

We recently designed an instrument that we’re pretty excited about — a stormwater estimating worksheet. This simple tool will help designers working with the Silva Cell by allowing them to use the drainage area and storm event depth to quickly estimate the number of decks and frames necessary to reach their stormwater storage and treatment… More

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Artificial Trees Aren’t The Solution

Cities provide uniquely challenging conditions for trees. Pollution, heavily compacted growing media, vandalism, and maintenance requirements all complicate the plight of the urban tree and compromise its ability to survive to maturity and make a meaningful contribution to its environment. Yet, cities need trees — desperately — to help reduce pollution, crime and speeding and… More

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Nature Heals

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” John Burroughs We talk a lot here at DeepRoot about trees as green utilities – as resource for mitigating such things as stormwater and heat island effect. And most everyone is aware of the visceral aesthetics of trees in an urban… More

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