- Designers -

Training: Remote and On-Site
  • Professional training and workshops
  • Lunch and learn opportunities
  • Group presentation
Landscape Design
  • Complete landscape architecture design services
  • Custom Silva Cell layout plans and details
  • Analysis and recommendations of Designer's Silva Cell plans and details
  • Soil volume analysis and recommendations
  • Planting design
  • Species selection
Stormwater Design
  • Complete stormwater design services
  • Silva Cell system design or consultation for use as a stormwater management tool
  • Stormwater modeling and related Silva Cell calculations
  • Stormwater monitoring and performance consultation

“We worked with DeepRoot on a complicated layout in a park plaza that had to incorporate utilities in a tight space. DeepRoot provided a Silva Cell layout that used the space as efficiently as possible while accommodating all the other urban infrastructure. Communication and support was always available.”

- Michael D'Andrea, Melfer