What’s in a Detail? The Hidden Story of a Green Infrastructure Detail

A big shift in how stormwater is managed is occurring as more and more agencies begin planning and implementing green infrastructure to reduce volume and increase quality of stormwater runoff. While regional climate considerations, agency operations and maintenance practices, and the physical use of adjacent space (e.g. if the stormwater facility next to a road… More

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LEEDing by Example: How D.C. Became the First LEED Platinum City in the World

Contrary to recent actions taken by the Federal government, Washington D.C.’s local government has made unprecedented strides towards creating a cleaner, more sustainable future. The District of Columbia has recently emerged as an environmentally progressive leader and is actively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support clean energy innovation, and focus on livability for all… More

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Slow Streets: The Key to Greener, Safer Cities

It seems like everyone wants green, tree-lined city streets. Under the filtered light of a towering tree canopy the air is cooler, the city seems more humane, and our minds become calmer. This idyll is far from reality, though, for many of us who walk along streets where trees are stunted or absent altogether. Street… More

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Improving Water Quality with Green InfrastructureSilva Cell Case Study

In 2013, the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada began the process of revitalizing its downtown district known as The Quarters Downtown and improving drainage services throughout the neighborhood. A primary component of the project was the creation of The Armature, a pedestrian-oriented streetscape corridor that runs through downtown and connects the four unique districts… More

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