Philadelphia’s Complete Streets Handbook: Stronger Treatment of Green Infrastructure Needed

Philadelphia has received a great deal of praise for its commitment to using green infrastructure techniques and its 25-year Green City, Clean Waters plan “to protect and enhance our watersheds by managing stormwater with innovative green infrastructure.” But the city’s draft Complete Streets Handbook, released by the Street Department and Mayor’s Office of Transportation and… More

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Welcome, Shawn!

We’ve got something fun to share today – DeepRoot has grown by one. Welcome, Shawn Freedberg! Shawn will be working with clients and managing DeepRoot projects in the Western US, including California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii. Shawn is a trained landscape architect who practiced at… More

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Fall Foliage in Central Park

In celebration of the colors of fall, enjoy this time lapse video of the changing season from Jamie Scott on Vimeo. The footage is taken from 15 different locations in New York’s Central Park; he visited them two days a week for a total of six months. There’s an extra bit of attention to detail… More

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Illustrated Guide To Using Trees and Soils to Manage Stormwater

I’ve discussed using trees and soils (green infrastructure) to manage stormwater in two recent webinars. This is a rich and complex topic, so to help break it down into digestible pieces I organize it in to what I call the First Principles of Urban Stormwater Systems. Those first principles are listed in the illustration above…. More

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Healing With Nature From the Outside InSilva Cell Case Study

The new VA Medical Center in Orlando, FL sits on 65 acres of land and encompasses a total of 1.2 million square feet. This brand new facility will provide inpatient care for veterans in central Florida and is designed to deliver holistic health services, with a site that includes a therapeutic courtyard, seating walls, planters,… More

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Seattle’s Urban Forest Stewardship Plan: 3 Action Items Worth Noting

In August, Seattle released their Urban Forest Stewardship Plan, the first comprehensive update to the previous Urban Forest Management Plan (2007) that set the goal of increasing Seattle’s tree canopy cover to 30 percent by 2037. The 2013 Plan is broken up in six sections: guiding principles and integrated approach, the importance of Seattle’s urban… More

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The Effect of Trees in Paving on Stormwater Runoff

A study recently published in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening presents data showing that trees planted in paving can significantly reduce stormwater runoff. The results, published by D. Armson, P. Stringer, and A.R. Ennos, are taken from data collected in Manchester, UK from January 2011 to September 2011. The study created 5 test sites, each containing three 9… More

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Calgary Light Rail Station Gets Green UpgradeSilva Cell Case Study

The design of urban hardscape installations is challenging at the best of times in that it must address a host of concerns related to surrounding land uses or facilities, different and adjoining pavement structures, new and existing buried utilities, stormwater management, and other systems or amenities that support the health and wellbeing of plants and… More

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Ask An Arborist

Ever wonder what kind of questions are asked at the “Ask An Arborist” booth at the local street fair? I spent a lovely afternoon recently with two colleagues at the Castro Street Fair in San Francisco. We handed out literature, shared reference books, and fielded questions like these.

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ASLA Releases Guide To Health Benefits of Nature

Over 50 percent of the global population lives in cities. Despite this – or maybe because of it – it is widely understood that spending time outdoors, in nature, instinctively feels really, really good to people. In fact, science supports that time in nature doesn’t just feel nice – it’s actually extremely beneficial for our… More

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