Silva Cells & Underground UtilitiesOverview

The Silva Cell system was developed with the goal of improving the urban environment by providing a means for trees to have access to the soil volumes they need to thrive, and by which stormwater can be absorbed back into the ground. At issue with integrating green infrastructure and products such as Silva Cells into… More

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Thoughts on Bio Char Part 1 of 3: History of Bio Char

Bio char, or terra preta, is one of the best, longest lasting soil amendments known to humans. This pyrolysed carbon is a soil amendment that can include surprising ingredients such as rubber tires, biosolids, and food waste, has gotten a lot of attention as a low-cost, ecologically sustainable solution.

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New York’s Complete Streets Legislation Expected to Pass

StreetsblogNY is reporting that green streets legislation has unanimously passed both houses of the New York State legislature recently, and is expected to be signed in to law by Governor Cuomo shortly. According to their summary, “Complete streets legislation would require planners to take account of all users, including those on foot, on a bicycle,… More

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First Silva Cell Installation Four Years Later

Over four years ago we had our first Silva Cell installation, on the sidewalk in front of a DeepRooter’s house in Redwood City, CA. The picture above was taken shortly after the installation was completed. So, what does it look like today?

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Why The Silva Cell Isn’t Made of Recycled Plastic

“Is it recycled?” This is a question that we hear all the time.  While most of our other products are made of a minimum 50% post-consumer material, currently the Silva Cell is not able to incorporate recycled plastics (the steel tubes in the decks are 50% recycled). There are many reasons for this. Our fervent… More

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Three Ways to See Silva Cell Installation Photos

Because we’re forever trying to keep things exciting for you, our dear readers, we try not to inundate you with too many Silva Cell installation photos. I know, our self-restraint is admirable. Still, even if we’re not shamelessly self-promoting ALL the time, new projects are happening constantly. We’ve had about 221 projects go in the… More

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Silva Cell Installation Post-Mortem Meeting Stormwater Management Mandates in Pennsylvania

This week I interviewed Kathy Hamilton, a landscape architect with the Westmoreland Conservation District in Greensburg, PA. Kathy worked on the design of two recent integrated tree-and-stormwater Silva Cell projects, Vandergrift Streetscape and Pioneer Way Parking Lot. They are great examples of smaller-scale Silva Cell installations that have been implemented by regular communities. I talked… More

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How Root Barriers Came To Be

Recently I had a chat with an arborist who was convinced that when a street tree dies it is related to root barriers. Try as I might, nothing could dissuade him of this notion. And that got me to thinking that after all these years, the idea of how root barrier work and what they… More

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All About Philly’s Tree Map

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, in collaboration with several partners, recently released PhillyTreeMap, a crowd-sourced tree census project in the 13-county, 3-state Philadelphia region. I interviewed Casey Combs, ISA Certified Municipal Arborist and the TreeVitalize Senior Coordinator with Pennsylvania Horicultural Society, about PhillyTreeMap’s creation, how it works, and possible plans for its future. Deep Root Partners [DRP]:… More

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