Deicing with Beet Juice

Earlier this month I saw a press release issued by the Morton Arboretum that discussed their use on a product containing beet juice to deice roads and trails. The mixture is quicker and less toxic than using salt alone. It sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Beet juice is actually used as an additive… More

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Silva Cell Practitioner’s Field Checklist

Today we’re sharing a Silva Cell practitioner’s field checklist that we created to help designers determine the most appropriate and high-priority locations for Silva Cells based on site considerations and project design goals. Remember that these are only guidelines; a variety of site factors will influence how and where this product should be used. This… More

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Soil Volume Recommendations for Vines, Hedges, and Palms

We love trees. We also love woodies. For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that we promote large volumes of non-compacted, biologically active loam as essential for street tree health and longevity. There are other plants which require soil volume and need attention as well. Vines,… More

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Cities Where the Silva Cell Is Approved for Use

In the seven years that the Silva Cell has been on the market, a number of cities have designated it as an approved technology for their sustainability goals, whether for tree growth, on-site stormwater management, or both. Here is a list of all the places, organized by state/province, that include it in their policies.

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Final Results of NCSU Stormwater Treatment Performance Monitoring

How do the stormwater benefits of Silva Cell suspended pavement tree/soil systems compare to the stormwater benefits of traditional bioretention systems? Since the mechanisms by which the tree and soil provide the stormwater benefits in these systems are the same as those in traditional bioretention, we expected the benefits to be comparable as well. The… More

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What Factors Determine Root Growth in Rock-Based Soils?

There is a lot of misinformation in the landscape architecture community about whether or not trees roots will grow in gravels, structural stone soils, and clear stone. Our experience indicates that roots will adventitiously grow in any medium given the right set of circumstances. Quantifying and predicting what set of circumstances produce that growth response… More

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Year In Review

Phew. What a year! Here is a snapshot of some of the most exciting things that have happened at DeepRoot since last January. 135 Silva Cell installations worldwide An average of about 11 Silva Cell projects were installed every month in 2013.

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