3 Ways The Urban Forest Impacts Your City

Trees have myriad positive effects on urban areas. And finally, forward-thinking cities are beginning to see trees as an important investment and understand that well cared for trees are not only an asset to the community, but can also save cities money. Many people already know that trees cool cities and reduce the heat island… More

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An Interview with Kelby Fite about Biochar

Dr. Kelby Fite is a national leader in the use of biochar to improve tree health. Kelby is an Arboricultural Researcher at Bartlett Tree Laboratory in Charlotte, North Carolina — a 350 acre private arboretum, diagnostic laboratory, and exceptional applied research center. His specialties are root biology and urban soil renovation. Kelby has a PhD…. More

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Downtown Artery Gets Major Landscape Improvement Silva Cell Case Study

In 2012, the City of Regina, Saskatchewan launched a major renovation project within their downtown. A central feature of this renovation was the creation of a public square, called City Square, from the public realm space adjacent to and surrounding Victoria Park. A section of Lorne Street, a central artery of downtown Regina that runs alongside… More

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The History of Marker Trees

We are all searching for signs in our lives. Which way do I go on this highway? Where should I live? Where should I work? We take internet quizzes to tell us what career we should have and what kind of dog we would be and in what country we were meant to live. We look… More

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