Volunteers and Tigers and Gamecocks, Oh My!

College football is back! It makes the prospect of cooler days, longer nights, and back-to-school time much easier to handle. Speaking of college football, we’ve been excited for the Silva Cell to play a part in renovating the public arenas of a handful of notable college football powerhouses, including perennial SEC powers University of Tennessee… More

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Webinar: Using Trees and Soils to Manage Urban Stormwater

Due to technical difficulties that prevented some people from joining last month’s webinar with guest speaker James Urban, FASLA, on the topic of “Using Trees and Soils in Urban Stormwater Management,” we will be offering the same webinar again on September 4th at 10am Pacific (please note that the start time will vary by time zone).

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Water = Life for Young Trees

For a newly planted street tree, adequate watering during establishment is literally a matter of life and death. The establishment period and amount of water can vary depending on climate, soil type and tree species. A street tree in San Francisco planted from a #15 nursery container usually requires 15 to 20 gallons per week… More

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Trees in downtown Minneapolis. Flickr credit: urbanfeel

New Tools for Using Trees for Stormwater Management in Minnesota

Randy Neprash has been a champion of using trees for urban stormwater management for longer than almost anyone else we know. A water resources engineer and stormwater regulatory specialist for Bonestroo, now Stantec, Randy is also the technical consultant for the Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition, an organization of about 120 Minnesota cities that are regulated… More

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Venice Island Silva Cell Project Enters Final Phase

In April last year we shared some news about a Silva Cell project in Philadelphia – the Venice Island Recreation Center, in the Manayunk neighborhood. Venice Island sits between the Manayunk Canal and the Schuylkill River. After two years of work on the whole site – which was built up anew after demolishing the old… More

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Underground Bioretention in Calgary City Center Silva Cell Case Study

2nd Avenue NW in Calgary, Alberta is a mixed-use street that runs through the Kensington neighborhood of the city. One section across the river from central downtown Calgary, between 10th Street NW and 9th Street NW, has been developed as a model site demonstrating how a dense, commercial street can manage stormwater directly on-site using… More

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