Edmonton Federal Building: The Centennial Plaza Chooses Silva Cell

A Green Infrastructure Champion – The Federal Building in Edmonton, Alberta, was unoccupied and lifeless for over two decades (1988–2010). Now, the renovated Art Deco building is occupied, integrated with its newly created plaza space and streetscapes with thriving greenery.  – A five-year construction renewal project from 2010–2015 included the installation of 3,000 (2X and… More

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Silva Cells’ Star Performance at Wembley: A Case Study

– The world’s most well-known and recognized stadium, which went from seeing 2 million visitors a year to 9 million by 2016, is getting its entryway revamped complete with green infrastructure. – The sheer scale and complexity of this project required a flexible long-term tree growth solution that accommodated numerous underground utilities. – Silva Cell… More

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Silva Cell Allows for Efficient Soil Filling: Saving Time and Cost

The installation experience with Silva Cells is the most efficient on the market. Part of what makes the installation process straightforward, smooth, and easy is how our contractor partners fill the Silva Cells with soil. The Silva Cell was designed with ease of construction in mind, keeping the needs of the tree in the forefront…. More

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Green Infrastructure and the 3 Cs: 300 Front St. Case Study, Toronto

Creating a Standard for a Green Infrastructure Sidewalk This is the first of a series of five posts featuring case studies that illustrate the need for a paradigm shift for how streets and sidewalks are designed and constructed. This new paradigm for Green Infrastructure is based on Creativity, Collaboration, and Compromise (CC&C), and is demonstrated… More

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