Kamloops BC

Resource or Hazard? Design Implications for Stemflow from Urban Trees

We’ve all taken shelter under a tree’s canopy during a storm, grateful for its ability to intercept rain. You may not realize this, but rainwater that passes through tree canopies is modified both volumetrically and chemically in processes that have been relatively well studied in forests. That modification, which encompasses several different components, is what… More

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Denver 16th Street Mall

Denver’s 16th Street Mall: Custom Suspended Pavement System Turns 32

In anticipation of the American Society of Landscape Architects tradeshow later this week, today we’re highlighting an iconic tree planting project using suspended pavement – including archival photos and original section details – that took place in Denver in the early 1980s: the 16th Street Mall. -LM Denver has long been a place of significance in the… More

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Tweet This! Resources for Tree Professionals About Bird Safety

The sound of birds in trees is so ubiquitous we may not think about the strong connections these organisms have with one another. Birds need urban trees for food, nesting and protection. Those who work with trees may not be aware that certain tree pruning activities can endanger nests and remove habitat for our feathered… More

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