Want Swimmable, Fishable Waterways? Sign the Petition!

I know, I know — the internet is awash (har har, water humor) in petitions for various causes. It’s sort of dismal, but many of us (myself included) are prone to heave a small sigh whenever we get another request for our support. But this one, brought to us by the SWIM Coalition, is for… More

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Friday Follies: Urban Tree Care Advice Center

Friday Follies, I missed you. Thankfully, we’re back, this time with rosemary shortbread. This recipe is not for the faint of heart. I mean that quite literally, as it calls for atrocious amounts of butter. But jaysus, it’s worth it. 

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Suspended Pavement at the Bartlett Tree Lab, Year 6

Last we checked, the trees in suspended pavement at the Bartlett Tree Lab were doing awesome at 5.5 years. Growing season 6 photos are in and they still look great! (Structural Soil twig on the left, Suspended Pavement twig on the right).

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Trees Help Normal, IL Streetscape Earn Silver LEED-ND

Illinois ASLA “President’s Award – Urban Category,” 2010 U.S. EPA National Award for “Smart Growth Achievement,” 2011 U.S. FTA/FHA “Transportation Planning Excellence Award,” 2012 Landscaping codes that emphasize tree growth, shade, and the minimization of heat-island effect are increasingly taking hold around the twin cities region of Bloomington and Normal, Illinois. The area, which has… More

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Most Creative Query: ASCII Tree Art

(BRICK WALL) |                         | V                        | | |                            _____(GRASS AREA)_______ | |              … More

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Silva Cell Installation at the Apple Store in Spokane, WA

Last week Silva Cells were installed for one of two trees in front of the new Apple Store in Spokane, WA. This site previously housed a building, of which only the foundation — filled with pea rock — remained. Clearwater Summit Group, the contractor for this streetscape installation, did a great job, first excavating the… More

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Indiana’s Street Trees Save Millions of Dollars

I happened upon this great summary from the Davey Resource Group summarizing the benefits that the state of Indiana receives from their street trees. The report can best be summarized this way: “Statewide, street trees provide Indiana approximately $79 million of annual economic and environmental benefits.” 

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Silva Cell Summary of Engineering & Testing

While we don’t usually address super technical issues on this blog, we get asked plenty of questions about the engineering and testing that has been done on the Silva Cell, and rightly so. This product can meet AASHTO H-20 loading standards and is used in applications where strength and compliance with safety and testing standard… More

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Friday Follies: When a Bench Meets a Watering Can

My friend Amanda has been trying to recreate some almond cake she had while visiting a friend in London a few months ago. She hasn’t yet hit upon a formula that she’s happy with, but I have been the indisputable beneficiary of all of her attempts. I thought this recipe from Patricia Wells particularly excellent…. More

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The Real Value of a Tree As a Utility

This blog post is reprinted from Landscape Architecture Resource, where it was originally published in January 2009. Is a street tree a utility? Concern over sustainable design has many developers, designers, and consumers beginning to consider trees as “green utilities.” Advocates of sustainable design are also urging that the integration of other “green utilities” like… More

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