Growing Big Trees Along a Harrogate Footpath

Back in January we did an installation along a footpath in front of Harrogate International Centre. Harrogate Council wanted to make sure they had some fine looking trees out front and decided to use the Silva Cell to supply the necessary soil to grow them. They had enough Cells installed to give each tree access… More

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EPA Stormwater Pilot Program in Charles River Watershed

WaterWorld is reporting on an extensive new EPA stormwater pilot program in the Charles River watershed in Massachusetts. Some highlights are: “EPA will require new measures to control stormwater pollutions in the Charles River watershed in Massachusetts. Under a pilot program that could be expanded to the entire watershed and perhaps the nation, large industrial, commercial,… More

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Olympic Green Retaining Wall Installation Almost Complete

We just got some new pictures of the Silva Cell installation at the Olympic Green Retaining Wall in Stratford, UK, from installing contractor Carey Group. Other than the typically gray skies, the site looks great! This is a picture of the site from the ground. Hedera Helix will grow out of the soil opening and… More

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Forest Canopies (Not Just Urban Ones) Are Shrinking

I just read a good article about the shrinking forest canopy in all six New England states in the Harvard Gazette. We knew that urban forest canopies were on the decline overall but the news that actual forest cover is decreasing after a consistent 150 year-long expansion is worrisome. The report containing these findings, “Wildlands & Woodlands: A… More

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Silva Cell Minds In The Gutter Competition

Earlier this year, in partnership with Robin Key Landscape Architecture Studio, we made a submission for the Minds In The Gutter contest. Sponsored by S.W.I.M Coalition and the New York City Environmental Fund, the Minds In The Gutter competition asked the following design question: How do we utilize the existing 6K miles of roadway and accompanying 12K miles of sidewalk as… More

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Municipalities Recognize the Silva Cell as an Approved Sustainable Technology

So it might seem like we’re beating the same old drum here, but I have to mention that we have now exceeded 100 Silva Cell installations (yeah!). Each of them represents a very real accomplishment for the planners, designers, and developers who saw the value in bringing long-term sustainable tree and stormwater solutions to their communities. Ultimately,… More

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Our Abstract For GreenBuild Has Been Accepted!

We just got the good news that an abstract we submitted for a session at GreenBuild has been accepted! The session’s topic is “A Forest Runs Through It: International Overview of Innovative Case Studies That Show The Range and Magnitude of Benefits Possible With Urban Trees.” Nathalie Hallyn, one of our sustainable landscape architects, put together the abstract…. More

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San Francisco Introduces Crowd-Sourced Tree Census

A while back we posted about a neat iPhone App for New York City dwellers to help identify street trees. Well, now something equally — no, more — exciting has come to our fine city by the bay. Inhabitat is reporting that San Francisco has introduced a crowd-sourced tree census project! The project, called the… More

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