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  • Root Block
    Toledo, OH

    The Toledo Zoo, as the final part of their Zoo 2005: A Master Plan for the Toledo Zoo, will open their new Africa! exhibit on May 1, 2004.

  • Bamboo Barrier
    Hiroshima, Japan

    Rhizomes from the adjacent bamboo forest were causing this multi-use path in Hiroshima, Japan to buckle and heave.

  • Root Block
    Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY

    In the spring of 2002 the Brooklyn Botanic Garden planted several Scarlett Oaks (Quercus coccinea) as part of their living tribute to the victims of September 11th.

  • Water Mitigation & Root Block
    Median Strip, CA

    A common problem for engineers and architects is the issue of water movement from an irrigated planting zone to the substructure of a hardscape area.

  • Invasive Species Control
    Madison, CT

    Invasive species are non-native plants that present an increasing threat to ecosystems and minimally managed landscapes throughout the United States.

  • Golf Course Green Liner
    Pleasanton, CA

    Concerned about the long term health and maintenance of the greens at the Jack Nicklaus designed Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton, California, the architects needed a solution to address three key issues.

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