The 5 Most Common Mistakes on Silva Cell Layouts

  We are well into the fifth year of providing reviews for Silva Cell layouts and details for projects around the world. In that time, we have seen drawings from early concept development level to ready-to-go-in-the-ground, and the Silva Cell system certainly runs the gamut for level of completion in those drawings. There are a… More

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Will Deep Soils Become Anaerobic?

All areas of study and their industries have to cope with inaccurate but often widely accepted mythologies, and arboriculture is no exception. There are a few of these that we encounter again and again. We’ve already busted the myth that tree roots don’t grow very deep, but here’s another one: do deep soils increase the risk… More

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Water In The Big Apple

This post is written by Katrina Marland and originally appeared on Loose Leaf, the blog of American Forests.  American Forests has had a lot to say over the years about the relationship between forests and water. From protectingsourcewater to managing overflow in cities to advocating for forests’ integration into the Clean Water Act. And of course, we’ve been planting… More

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Silva Cell Installation Pricing and Productivity

As Installation Coordinator, a big part of my job at DeepRoot is working with contractors to help make sure that they are comfortable installing the Silva Cell and to act as a technical resource when needed. Many contractors have questions about productivity during Silva Cell installations, which is what I want to talk about today.

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Greens Roofs Will Cover Toronto

Man, those Torontonians! They continue to impress us with their aggressive green infrastructure policies. Back in January of 2010, Toronto became the first North American city to make installing green roofs on new commercial, institutional, and multifamily residential developments compulsory – now that requirements will apply to industrial developments as well. 

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