TDAG’s “Trees in the Townscape” Report Is Released!

Late last month, the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG), a UK not-for-profit, released a document called “Trees in the Townscape: A Guide for Decision Makers.”

This new guide suggests new approaches for successfully designing for urban trees. It is structured into 12 action-oriented principles spanning the range of planning, design, works and management issues that must be addressed for maximum economic, social and environmental returns. And it includes two Silva Cell projects!

There are more than 30 case studies in the document. The two Silva Cell projects that are mentioned are the RAF Bomber Command Memorial (Facebook album is here) and the Marq2 Transit Corridor (Facebook album is here).

We’re so pleased at the inclusion of these deserving projects.

As it went to press, Trees in the Townscape had already received endorsement from nine local councils, two housing associations, one business improvement district, and the Chair of the Forestry Commission.

TDAG facilitates cross-sector and cross-disciplinary dialogue to help raise awareness about the role of trees in the built environment throughout the United Kingdom. You can download “Trees in the Townscape” here.

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