Museums Host Trees With Silva Cells

Museum curators and directors spend endless hours perfecting every aspect of an exhibition to best highlight the artwork on display and provide the most enjoyable and educational experience for patrons. So it comes as no surprise that landscape architects and contractors expend equal effort to design the outdoor space and gardens surrounding museums. Trees, like… More

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A Gift Guide for Urban Forestry

When it comes to giving gifts there are so many options to choose from. It can be overwhelming and stressful. The giving pressure is on during the holiday season. To lighten the load we’ve compiled a great last-minute gift guide that help the urban forest. Below is a selection of groups to support tree health,… More

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Water and Climate Effect Soil Volume

Recently I did a post on the amount of soil it takes to grow a big tree. I challenged the notion that it takes 1000ft3 of soil to grow a big tree and promoted the more accurate formula of 2ft3 for every square foot of crown projection. metric= .66M3/M2 of CP However, this ratio is not… More

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