Trees Are a Tool for Safer Streets

The World Health Organization reported in 2004, “Road crashes are the second leading cause of death globally among young people aged five to 29 and the third leading cause of death among people aged 30 to 44 years.” That’s a scary statistic. Rumble strips, speed bumps, and speed limits are a few of the traditional… More

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Silva Cell’s Support 167 trees in Downtown Minneapolis: A Case Study

– Silva Cells solved the 2009 CSO stormwater transition during the Marquette and 2nd Avenue (MARQ2) busway project, mitigating stormwater runoff. – Over 167 trees were installed along 48 blocks of downtown Minneapolis each with 588 ft3 (16.6 m3) of soil volume. – Above ground, the trees provide shade, clean air, and beauty. Below ground,… More

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Silva Cells Bring Trees to Life at Hospitals Around the World

Trees provide enormous benefits on both macro and micro scales for human health and as a key component in combating climate change. Beyond their obvious beauty, they heal people and places and provide substantial ecosystem benefits, including reducing urban heat island effect, managing, and cleaning stormwater, capturing carbon, filtering air pollution, and providing habitat for… More

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Arizona State University, Tempe: A Silva Cell Case Study

– Arizona State University (ASU) prioritizes trees, soil health, and landscape architecture. – Surveys by the landscape architecture department at ASU found that students overwhelmingly wanted shade and reduced temperature as their landscape priority. – ASU’s Tempe campus instituted a masterplan for landscape architecture in 2017. From the masterplan came two redesign projects, both of… More

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