Hit the Lights! Light Pollution’s Negative Impact on Urban Trees

Light pollution has become a frustration for many a star-gazer. Those who seek the heavens must drive far outside of urban centers and away from light-lined interstates in order to truly see the night sky, and even then, the effects of light pollution cannot be completely escaped. Light from our streetlights and buildings travels farther… More

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Hiring at DeepRoot

The most important decision you make for your business is the people you hire. We know this because when we hire people at DeepRoot, we tend to keep them (we’ve grown over the years and have many recent hires, however some of our longest employees have been with us since the early 1990s). It is… More

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Stormwater management in the median Silva Cell case study

Central Parkway is a low impact development (LID) retrofit streetscape project in Mississauga, Ontario. The project utilizes Silva Cells as an underground bioretention system to manage and treat stormwater runoff while simultaneously providing the uncompacted soil volume necessary to grow large trees. At Central Boulevard, the City of Mississauga partnered with DeepRoot, TD Friends of… More

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Silva Cell an approved Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) in North Carolina

We’re very pleased to announce that the Silva Cell has been approved by North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality for use as a credited nutrient removing stormwater control measure (SCM). The Silva Cell is actually the first applicant to be approved by NC DEQ under the New Stormwater Technology (NEST) Program. As the celebration begins… More

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A Walkable City is a Better City

Intrinsic to the success of cities and the quality of life they offer is how people move within them. For the past century, the car has been the central consideration in the design and planning of our urban areas. Increasingly, however, the car-dominated planning era is behind us, as city dwellers are more frequently walking,… More

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