Tree Watering Bags: Are They Worth Using?

In the July issue of ISA Arboriculture & Urban Forestry magazine, Hossain, Stuhlinger, Olson, and Babst contributed, “A Comparison of Indirect Water Devices for Benefiting Newly Transplanted Urban Trees”. Urban trees often undergo a period of post-transplant stress which is exacerbated by a water-limited environment. Watering devices are available to help a newly-planted tree receive… More

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Silva Cells in Del Mar California Underground Bioretention Case Study

The City of Del Mar Improves its Main Camino with Trees and Silva Cells – In early 2019, 85 new trees planted with Silva Cell along the Camino Del Mar Streetscape – Silva Cells captures over 20,000 gallons of stormwater from the streets and sidewalks while supporting load-bearing surfaces above. – An integrated solution to… More

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Silva Cells in San Marcos California – Full Stormwater Compliance – Case Study

– Innovative Storm Water Solutions employed through Silva Cell technology where runoff from the public streets at North City East is treated using median and curbside biofiltration facilities that incorporate underground detention modules for pollutant control, hydromodification, and 100-year peak flow migration. –  Silva Cells captured over 80,000 gallons of stormwater from the streets and… More

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Join DeepRoot at CASQA 2019

The 15th Annual CASQA Conference is happening next week — October 7-9, 2019 — at the Monterey Conference Center and DeepRoot will be there! DeepRoot’s Rachel Roberts and Pavitra Rammohan will be at booth 14 all 3 days. CASQA is hosting a poster session at the conference. The posters will be displayed all days on Level… More

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